PLENK2010: Theory As Practice

By Jim Shimabukuro Editor In her weeks 4-6 report on PLENK2010, Stefanie Panke mentions a decline in active participation. In her final report covering weeks 7-10, she closes with a summary on what she has learned. In that summary, she quotes from a thread begun by Chris Jobling, who asks: “Am I alone in feeling […]

PLENK 2010: Summary of Week 7-10 – The End

By Stefanie Panke Editor, Social Software in Education I ended my last report from PLENK 2010, the “Personal Learning Environments Networks and Knowledge” course, with the revelation that teaching several classes this semester and being a student in a massive open online course (MOOC) at the same time provided me with some challenges to “manage […]

PLENK 2010, Weeks 4-6: Learning Theories, Evaluation and Literacies

By Stefanie Panke Editor, Social Software in Education Lately, I’ve had a hard time keeping up with and documenting my attendance at PLENK2010, mainly because I missed several Web meetings and found it difficult to follow the discussion. Looking at the discussion forums, I sense that this is a common experience. Recurring reasons for passive […]

‘Web XXO’ – Week Three of PLENK2010 on Emerging Technologies

By Stefanie Panke Editor, Social Software in Education The third week of the massive open online course PLENK2010 centered around emerging technological trends and their impact on personal learning environments. The names for this “next Web” are manifold: Web 3.0, extended Web, Web eX, or X Web. It comprises themes like augmented reality, semantic web, […]

PLENK2010: Week 2 – Personal Learning & Institutional Learning or ‘A Great Course in Diagram Making’!

By Stefanie Panke Editor, Social Software in Education Reporting on the activities and discussions within the Massive Open Online Course, Plenk2010, has become considerably more challenging since my first introduction of the course’s structure and concept. One reason is that the discussion forums of week one have been tremendously busy, producing a total of 427 […]

PLENK2010 – How Can PLEs Benefit My Students?

By Lynn Zimmerman Editor, Teacher Education Thanks to Jan Schwartz’s Learnings from a MOOC I decided to register for PLENK2010, and thanks to Stefanie Panke’s PLENK 2010: Just Like ‘Watching Football’ I started participating. For me, this experience embodies some of the concerns, confusion, and challenges that people  have who want to be technology savvy but are […]

PLENK 2010: Just Like ‘Watching Football’

By Stefanie Panke Editor, Social Software in Education This week marked the start of  PLENK 2010, a seven week online course on personal learning networks (PLNs) and personal learning environments (PLEs). The “Massive Open Online Course“ (MOOC) is sponsored and organized by the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute (TEKRI) of the Canadian Athabasca University. George Siemens […]

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TCC 2018  Call for Participation: Registration  Prelude March 21: Institutional Initiatives in Digital Credentials (FREE)  Main Conference (Apr 17-19) Registration HOT@ PLENK 2010 Stefanie Panke: PLENK2010: Weeks 7-10 – The End Stefanie Panke: PLENK 2010: Weeks 4-6 – Learning Theories, Evaluation and Literacies Stefanie Panke: PLENK2010: Week 3 – ‘Web XXO’ Emerging Technologies Stefanie Panke: […]

Connective Learning: Challenges for Learners, Teachers, and Educational Institutions

By Claude Almansi Editor, Accessibility Issues ETCJ Associate Administrator The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning (IRRODL) has dedicated a special issue to “Connectivism: Design and Delivery of Social Networked Learning” (March 2011), edited by George Siemens (Athabasca University, Canada) and Grainne Canole (Open University, UK). This special issue is not meant […]

Mental Model for 21st Century Education: School First or Student First

By Jim Shimabukuro Editor In “What Is Your Mental Model for 21st Century Education?,” William Zaggle asks, “What is your mental model of the way technology ought to fit into the teaching and learning process?” In my model, there are two competing models. In one, the emphasis is on the school. In the other, on […]


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Jim’s ETC Publications – continued

This is a continuation of Jim Shimabukuro’s list of ETCJ publications. (Click here to return to the originating page.) ‘Students Come First’ in Idaho, but the Task Force Has to Do Its Homework Bush and Hunt’s ‘New Higher Education Model’ Falls Short University Leaders Beginning to Flex Their eMuscles The Aakash $35 Tablet – A Breakthrough […]

Stefanie Panke

Dr. Stefanie Panke Editor, Social Software in Education Instructional Analyst School of Government The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Campus Box 3330, Knapp-Sanders Building Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3330 Tel: 919.962.0592 Fax: 919.962.2707 Stefanie is the lead instructional designer at UNC School of Government on the Instructional Support team, providing instructional design […]

Lynn Zimmerman

Dr. Lynn Zimmerman Professor Emerita, Education Purdue University Northwest Lynn Zimmerman served as an English Language Fellow at Aleksander Xhuvani University in Elbasan, Albania (2014-2015). She is teaching a variety of courses in the English Language Teachers Master’s program, including Research Methods, Technology & Teaching English, Second Language Acquisition, and English Teaching Methods. Before […]