Note: This is an archive for the “Spotlight” feature in the right sidebar of ETCJ. For the current spotlights, see the sidebar. Tim Holt: “What happened to these professional learning communities is that they had simply become meetings where teachers and administrators looked at student data and were trying to outwit the test” (An Interview […]

15th Annual Sloan-C Conference – A Review

By John Sener Disclaimer: I am both uniquely qualified and perhaps ill-suited to write a review of this conference. Uniquely qualified as Director of Special Initiatives for Sloan-C and as one of a handful of people who have attended all 15 Sloan-C conferences; ill-suited because of the possibility of “bias” but also because, frankly, I […]

Sloan-C’s Virtual Attendance Option: Real or an Afterthought?

Introduction: The 15th annual Sloan-C Conference on Online Learning will be adding a new virtual attendance option to its October 28-30 event in Orlando, Florida. Hmmm. Will this online “addition” be anything to write home about? Or is it just an afterthought, a pale reflection of the “real” conference? -Jim S John Sener, ETC writer, […]

Twitter Bad for the Brain? – Balderdash, Poppycock, Twaddle

By John Sener [Note: This article was first posted as a comment to Lynn Zimmerman‘s “Twitter Could Drive You Cuckoo” (1 Oct. 2009).] Studies like this, and the related reportage and unsupported speculation, are what could drive me cuckoo. More accurately, taking such reportage (and the related study behind it?) seriously is likely to be […]

Is a Virtual Revolution Brewing in Colleges?

By John Sener The idea that US colleges and universities are on the brink of demise, or at least radical transformation, has been around for a long time. It’d be interesting to see how long, exactly, but Peter Drucker seems to be the progenitor of most current thinking. Over the past 20 years, based on […]

Is ‘$99 a Month for College’ Really a Cute Little Kitten?

By John Sener In a recent blog post on his Connectivism web site, George Siemens uses the term “cute kitten syndrome” to describe how practitioners commonly treat open education resources — cute, cuddly, beyond reproach — but he offers some constructive criticism anyway. While reading “College for $99 a Month,” I couldn’t help thinking about […]


Solar Impulse Around the World in a Solar Airplane From Claude Almansi, Wednesday, July 7, 2010 Hi All, Solar Impulse is a plane powered by solar energy. It is making its first 24-hour flight over Switzerland as I write this, and the project has a website, from which you can view various types of info […]

Encounters: USDE 2009 Report on Effectiveness of Online Learning

Introduction: This encounter begins with a bump from Judith McDaniel (ETC editor, web-based course design), who posted a comment to Steve Eskow re Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies (Washington, D.C., 2009), conducted by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development. […]

Are Online Programs Growing or Dying?

By Jim Shimabukuro Editor Judith McDaniel, in her response (28 May 2009) to John Sener‘s article, “The Recession Is Affecting Online Higher Education – Duh…,” points us to an article that appears in the Chronicle of Higher Education, “Rocky Start for Colorado State U.’s Online-Education Start-Up” (28 May 2009). She gives us a paradox to […]

The Recession Is Affecting Online Higher Education – Duh…

By John Sener In an earlier article in March (How Is the Recession Affecting Online Higher Education?), I asked whether anyone had found any “concrete evidence on the recession’s effect on online education” and received little response.  I noted that I had only been able to find speculation and perception about this topic. Well, apparently […]

How to Turn Your Online Program into a Net Revenue Generator

By John Sener A recent listserv discussion elsewhere prompted me to ask participants to share their opinions/knowledge on what factors enable online programs to become net revenue generators (while avoiding becoming “cash cows”). I’ve been asking this question in various venues (Facebook, Twitter, et. al), and now I’ll ask it here. Responses I’ve received to […]

How Is the Recession Affecting Online Higher Education?

By John Sener It’s been a long time since I’ve watched the 11 o’clock news on television. My recollection is that it consists of an endless series of deaths, accidents, and other disasters, relieved only by the commercials and an occasional human interest story. Ray Schroeder’s blog “New Realities in Higher Education” is the 11 […]


April 2018 Teaching Reading and Writing in STEM Classes by Lynn Zimmerman TCC 2018 (April 17-19) : Final Call for Participation by Bert Kimura March 2018 Hawaii High School Students: ‘March for Our Lives’ by Jim Shimabukuro TCC 2018: Call for Participation by Bert Kimura Social Media Fuels Hawaii Student Walkout: March 14 by Jim Shimabukuro Institutional Initiatives in Digital Credentials by […]


Editors Jim Shimabukuro, EdD Editor Associate Professor, English, Kapi’olani Community College. Jessica Knott, PhD Coordinating Editor Learning Design Manager for Learning, Design, and Technology at Michigan State University Lynn Zimmerman, PhD Associate Editor Editor, Teacher Education Column: Caught My i Professor Emerita, Education, Purdue University Northwest Stefanie Panke, PhD Editor, Social Software […]

Conference Archives

At the start of each month, conference announcements from the previous month will be posted here for archival purposes. The latest year, in chronological order, will appear at the top. In some cases, the links will point to post-conference information that you might find useful. 2011 January 2011 January 28-30, 2011 EduCon 2.3 Philadelphia […]

Judith McDaniel

Last updated 2/3/18 Judith McDaniel, Ph.D., J.D., teaches law in the undergraduate program at the University of Arizona. She has been a teacher for many years. She began her academic career as a professor of English Literature, and during the following years has added areas of expertise to her teaching as well as trying a […]