TCC 2021 (April 13-15) Call for Participation

Join us!

TCC 2021 Worldwide Online Conference

Building our Future – Movin’ On!

April 13-15, 2021

TCC is a three-day, entirely online conference for post-secondary faculty and staff worldwide. This event features presentations covering a wide range of topics related to educational technology and emerging technologies for teaching and learning.

Register for early bird rates:

Individuals participate in real-time sessions from the comfort of their workplace or home using a web browser to connect to individual sessions. Sessions are held in Zoom and recorded for on-demand viewing.

Group registrations. For all faculty, staff, and students from a single campus, department, or organization. To register a group:

University of Hawaii faculty and staff. Special reduced rates available.

Interested in volunteering as a facilitator for online Zoom sessions in exchange for complimentary access to this event? Contact Rachael Inake <> for more information.

We look forward to seeing you at TCC 2021..


– Bert Kimura, Curtis Ho & Kitty Hino

    For the TCC Conference Team

PS. TCC is an organizing member of ICoME 2021, to be held online from August 18-20. Organized by educational technology associations in Japan, Korea, and China, this international event is designed to encourage faculty and graduate students to share research projects and ideas. For details, please see the attached Call for Proposals. Proposals are due on May 31. 

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