Articles by University of Hawai’i Students

The 1980s: A College Experience by Lauren Arakaki 12/21/22
Technology in the 1970s: Teens in South Korea by Sarah Pae 12/21/22
The Making of a Silent Hero: Kaepernick and Social Media by Gina Ribuca 5/14/18
The Ohana by Hannah Kinsolving 2/21/16
To Belong by Glen Luecke 2/20/16
Life Unplugged by Scott Miyahira 3/5/15
Stuck in Macadamia Nut Hell by Cami Lyn Nagata 3/5/15
College and Other Lies by Veronica Brockschmidt 12/14/14
From ‘Yes Ma’am’ to ‘F*** You’ by Tracey Kashiwa 12/12/14
The Crinkle-Free Pocket Map – Google Maps by Allison Turgeon 10/27/14
What’s This Song Called? – SoundHound App Review by Scott Miyahira 10/22/14
Rarely Do I Download an App and Keep It, but When I Do — It’s a Keeper! by John Palmer 10/21/14
Gaming – A Gamer’s Self-Introduction by Samuel Lee 1/19/14
Smartphones – Friend or Foe? by Renee Imes 12/30/13
Jorge: The Education of a 12-year-old in an Immigrant Family by Jeremy Scott Burg 12/13/13
The Symbiosis of College and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) by Kenji Mori 11/19/13
VLC Media Player: Many Hidden Features by Chaz Baruela 10/15/13
Give Your Phone a Voice! by Mike Curcio 4/5/13

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