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Around the World in a Solar Airplane

From Claude Almansi, Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hi All,
Solar Impulse is a plane powered by solar energy. It is making its first 24-hour flight over Switzerland as I write this, and the project has a website, from which you can view various types of info in real time or at least frequently updated:


[Added 7.8.10: See Harry Keller and John Adsit’s comment Flight of the ‘Solar Impulse’ – Educationally Relevant?; also see John Sener’s ‘Solar Impulse’ – Could Very Well Be Educational. -js]


From the Solar Impulse site. See more in the pictures section.

Solar Impulse on the ground with maintenance crewclose up of Solar Impulse on the ground with maintenance crewBertrand Picard and André Borschbergclose up of the nose of Solar Impulse, with André Borschberg doing a 'thumb-up' before take-off

3 Responses

  1. Solar Impulse landed safely 90 minutes ago at 9 am CET, with its batteries still half-full

  2. Claude, this flight is amazing. Who would’ve thought a solar flight would be possible. While in flight, I guess it would charge its batteries during the day and rely on the batteries at night?

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