December 2022

The 1980s: A College Experience by Lauren Arakaki
Technology in the 1970s: Teens in South Korea by Sarah Pae

October 2021

One Mask May Not Be Enough by Lynn Zimmerman

November 2020

TCC 2021 Call for Proposals – Deadline 12/21/20 by Bert Kimura

October 2020

F2F Teaching: Is One Mask Enough? by Lynn Zimmerman
My Observatory Odyssey – Part 6 by Harry Keller

June 2020

Learning Technologies Free Summer Forum 2020 July 13-17 Announcement
AASA Guidelines for Reopening Schools 6/19/20 Announcement
My Observatory Odyssey – Part 5 by Harry Keller
Latest Cloud Technology for Public Sector: Free Sessions 6/30/20 Announcement
94% of Schools Nationwide Not Sure When They Will Reopen Announcement

May 2020

My Life in LA County During COVID-19: May 29 by Harry Keller
EDTECH WEEK 2020: June 1-4 Online & Free Announcement
AASA Resolution to Reopen Nation’s Schools (5/29/20) Announcement
My Observatory Odyssey – Part 4 by Harry Keller
House Passes HEROES Act: Includes Billions for Schools and Colleges Announcement
Science & Technology vs. Pandemics: A Virtual Panel 5/14/20 Announcement
Video: Reimagining Your College Campus in the New Normal by Jim Shimabukuro
My Life in LA County During COVID-19: May 12 by Harry Keller
Stories Read Aloud for Children on Facebook Announcement
My Observatory Odyssey – Part 3 by Harry Keller
My Observatory Odyssey – Part 2 by Harry Keller
My Observatory Odyssey – Part 1 by Harry Keller
My Life in LA County During COVID-19: May 6 by Harry Keller
Reimagining Your Campus for the New Normal – Free Webinar 5/12/20 Announcement
How to Future-Proof Your Career in a COVID-19 World Announcement
Mute That Zoom, Please by Lynn Zimmerman
Teacher Evaluations During COVID-19 Closures: NCTQ Review Announcement
Colleges Preparing for Fall 2020 (5/5/20) by Jim Shimabukuro
Colleges Preparing for Fall 2020 (5/4/20) by Jim Shimabukuro
My Life in LA County During COVID-19: May 4 by Harry Keller
Colleges Preparing for Fall 2020 (5/3/20) by Jim Shimabukuro
Colleges Preparing for Fall 2020 (5/2/20) by Jim Shimabukuro
Colleges Preparing for Fall 2020 (5/1/20) by Jim Shimabukuro
Virginia’s WHRO Digital Course Resources: Free During COVID-19 Pandemic by Jim Shimabukuro

April 2020

Colleges Preparing for Fall 2020 (4/30/20) by Jim Shimabukuro
Colleges Preparing for Fall 2020 (4/29/20) by Jim Shimabukuro
Zoom Webinar 5/6/20: Implementing Competency-Based Education Strategies Announcement
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!™ boosts preschoolers’ understanding of science Announcement
My Life in LA County During COVID-19: April 26 by Harry Keller
Honolulu Stays Home at Night: A Photo Lightscape by Jim Shimabukuro
My Life in LA County During COVID-19: April 23 by Harry Keller
My Life in LA County During COVID-19: April 15 by Harry Keller
KISS in ICU: A Lesson for Online Educators by Jim Shimabukuro
High Schools Allowed Free Use of Copyrighted Music Until 15 June 2020 Announcement
My Life in LA County During COVID-19: April 12 by Harry Keller
Our Future World When COVID-19 Is Over? by Harry Keller
My Life in LA County During COVID-19: April 9 by Harry Keller
Grocery-store Workers Are Risking Their Lives to Stay Alive by Harry Keller
My Life in LA County During COVID-19: April 6 by Harry Keller
Skype As an Alternative to Zoom by Bert Kimura
All Online Courses Aren’t Equal: Critical Sync-Async Difference by Jim Shimabukuro
My Life in LA County During COVID-19: April 1 by Harry Keller

March 2020

DIY Alternatives to Turnitin for Written Tests by Jim Shimabukuro
What’s Going On As School-age Children Are Staying at Home? by Lynn Zimmerman
Berliner Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall Free for a Month by Satoru Shinagawa
My Life in LA County During COVID-19: March 29 by Harry Keller
How to Share AAPPL Material with Your Students by Satoru Shinagawa
My Life in LA County During COVID-19: March 27 by Harry Keller
My First Week Teaching Online During the COVID-19 Shutdown by Guy Kellogg
Fillable PDF Alternative to Paper Tests and Assignments by Satoru Shinagawa
Kinesiology Experiential Labs: How to Move Them Online? by Rob Burns
Classkick Virtual Learning Free to Coronavirus Affected Schools Announcement
My Life in LA County During COVID-19: March 25 by Harry Keller
Berklee College of Music Students Perform While in COVID-19 Quarantine by Jim Shimabukuro
Early Innovator Grant Program for Advanced Robotics Kits: Deadline 27 March 2020 Announcement
Quizalize Free Distance Learning Support for COVID-19 by Satoru Shinagawa
My Life in LA County During COVID-19: March 24 by Harry Keller
Free Asynchronous Oral Testing Service from ACTFL: A COVID-19 Response by Satoru Shinagawa
My Life in LA County During COVID-19: March 22 by Harry Keller
My Life in LA County During COVID-19: March 21 by Harry Keller
My Life in LA County During COVID-19: March 20 by Harry Keller
Aerobic Walking in Your Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Jim Shimabukuro
Essays or Projects Instead of Proctored Exams: A COVID-19 Response by Jim Shimabukuro
SIIA List of FREE Ed Tech Services: A COVID-19 Response by Jim Shimabukuro
DxOdyssey Work from Home Software Free: A COVID-19 Response by Jim Shimabukuro
Stuck in Tashkent with Questions About Online Teaching: A COVID-19 Response by Lynn Zimmerman
Solution to Zoom’s Login Quirk: A COVID-19 Response by Satoru Shinagawa and Helen Torigoe
Virtual Museums and Faculty Facebook Group: COVID-19 Responses by Bonnie Bracey Sutton and Judith McDaniel
Sanako – Remote Language Teaching Tool Free Until End of Semester: A COVID-19 Response by Jim Shimabukuro
Smart Science® Labs 90-day Free Access: A COVID-19 Response by Harry Keller
Resources for Moving to Online Teaching: A COVID-19 Response by Ilene Frank
Email Is All You Need to Teach Online: A COVID-19 Response by Jim Shimabukuro
Google Classroom to Transition to Online: A COVID-19 Response by Davin K. Kubota
Barebones F2F-to-Online Transition: A COVID-19 Response by Jim Shimabukuro

February 2020

TCC 2020@25 Preconference Webinar + Presenter/Facilitator Orientation by Bert Kimura
TCC 2020 (April 14-16) Call for Participation by Bert Kimura

January 2020

Messaging Apps by Lynn Zimmerman

October 2019

‘Are Books Going to Be Replaced by Technology?’ by Jim Shimabukuro
TCC Online Conference 2020: Call for Proposals by Bert Kimura

August 2019

Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop: Upgrades and Updates by Jim Shimabukuro
Raspberry Pi 4 Is the Future of Desktop Computers by Jim Shimabukuro

July 2019

‘Buzzy’s Adventures in Online Privacy’ — A Review by Lynn Zimmerman
Repurposing Gaming Keyboards and Desktops for Multimedia Work by Jim Shimabukuro

June 2019

Memories of Computers Past by Harry Keller
Remember Floppy Disks? by Jim Shimabukuro
A Palm-sized Desktop Computer for $35 – Raspberry Pi 4 by Jim Shimabukuro
A Plea to Simplify the Definition for ‘Online Course’ by Jim Shimabukuro
Discussion of Ken Robinson’s ‘Bring on the Learning Revolution!’ by Jim Shimabukuro
The Zen in Online Learning by Jim Shimabukuro

May 2019

Using the CRA to Promote Digital Equity: May 14-15, 2019 by Vic & Bonnie Sutton
The Future of AI in Education? by Lynn Zimmerman

April 2019

Mobile Devices and Screen Size by Lynn Zimmerman
THE 2019 Impact Rankings: US Colleges Outshined by Jim Shimabukuro

March 2019

Teaching with Technology; Preventing Online Grooming by Lynn Zimmerman
TCC 2019 Free Pre-conference Event: Silly Media in Teaching & Learning (March 20) by Bert Kimura

February 2019

Motivation in Online Learning, Online Pronunciation Resources, Mobile Technology by Lynn Zimmerman

January 2019

‘A Ranking of State Public Charter School Laws’ (Jan. 2019) by Jim Shimabukuro
Levering Technology to Empower Learning for All by Vic Sutton

December 2018

MOOCs Are Dead. Long Live MOOCs! by John Mark Walker

November 2018

TCCfx 2018 (Dec 10), a Complimentary Mini-Online Conference by Bert Kimura

October 2018

TCC Online Conference 2019: Call for Proposals by Bert Kimura
Technology Integration, Online Privacy, UX Design by Lynn Zimmerman
School Safety and Technology Briefing 10/9/18 by Vic & Bonnie Sutton
Indigenous People’s Curriculum Day and Teach-In 9/10/18 by Vic & Bonnie Sutton

September 2018

Remote Proctoring Services: An Interview with PSI Bridge’s Rory McCorkle by Jim Shimabukuro
These Boots Are Made for Running by Gwen Sinclair
‘Computers for Kids’ SWNA, Washington, DC by Vic & Bonnie Sutton
Frameworks for Ed Tech Integration: SAMR and TPACK by Lynn Zimmerman

July 2018

Warning Signs at Tham Luang and Similar Caves: A Complex Issue by John Adsit
Immersed in Virtual Reality: iLRN June 2018 by Vic & Bonnie Sutton
The Thai Cave Rescue: Implications for Teacher Education? by Lynn Zimmerman
Three Most Important Takeaways from the Thai Cave Rescue by Harry Keller
Thai Cave Rescue Media Coverage: Notable for the Most Part by John Adsit
Science Is Not the Friend of Thai Cave Soccer Team by Harry Keller
Two Frameworks for 21st-Century Skills by Lynn Zimmerman
Thailand Cave Rescue via Diving Is a Daunting Challenge by John Adsit

June 2018

Not in Our Lifetime: Are Libraries Dead? by Gwen Sinclair
How Do You Prepare Students to Learn Online? by Lynn Zimmerman

May 2018

The Making of a Silent Hero: Kaepernick and Social Media by Gina Ribuca
A Look at TeacherTube: A YouTube Alternative by Lynn Zimmerman

April 2018

Teaching Reading and Writing in STEM Classes by Lynn Zimmerman
TCC 2018 (April 17-19) : Final Call for Participation by Bert Kimura

March 2018

Hawaii High School Students: ‘March for Our Lives’ by Jim Shimabukuro
TCC 2018: Call for Participation by Bert Kimura
Social Media Fuels Hawaii Student Walkout: March 14 by Jim Shimabukuro
Institutional Initiatives in Digital Credentials by Bert Kimura
Impact of Different Social Media on cMOOCs by Jim Shimabukuro
To Code or Not to Code by Lynn Zimmerman

February 2018

Education Today — The Most Important Function of Governments, Part 1 of 2 by Judith McDaniel

January 2018

Stackable Credential Courses Are Not MOOCed by Jim Shimabukuro
Successful Online Programs Require a Paradigm Shift by Jim Shimabukuro
Digital Tools and Adaptive Technology by Lynn Zimmerman
Digital Storytelling and Authenticity by Lynn Zimmerman

October 2017

TCC Worldwide Online Conference 2018: Call for Proposals by Bert Kimura
St. George’s University MOOC Has 60% Completion Rate by Jim Shimabukuro

August 2017

Bring the World to Your Classroom: Videoconferencing by Bryan A. Upshaw
5 Back-to-School Teacher Tips for a Brilliant Year by Angel Rutledge

July 2017

‘A Child’s Relationships with Technology’ by Lynn Zimmerman
3 Reasons Apps Foster Effective Learning by Marie Mérouze

June 2017

Do Mobile Devices Harm Toddlers’ Speech Development? by Lynn Zimmerman

March 2017

TCC 2017 Worldwide Online Conference April 18-20 by Bert Kimura
Should Online Classes Be Fun? by Jim Shimabukuro

February 2017

TCC 2017 Free Pre-conference Mar 15 – Registration Deadline Mar 9 by Bert Kimura
OLC Innovate 2017 – April 5-7 New Orleans, Louisiana by Jess Knott
Children Need More Than Apps in the Classroom by Marie Merouze

January 2017

A Cure for Writer’s Block: A Letter to My Students by Jim Shimabukuro

December 2016

Digital Literacy Does Not Mean Critical Thinking by Lynn Zimmerman
TCC Online Conference: Proposal Call Deadline 5 Jan. 2017 by Bert Kimura

November 2016

QR Codes — Mystery Solved by Lynn Zimmerman

October 2016

What’s Wrong with MOOCs: One-Size-Fits-All Syndrome by Jim Shimabukuro
Computational Thinking, LiuLiShuo & Audiobooks by Lynn Zimmerman

August 2016

NZ Education Minister Proposes Reform to Launch Schools Into the 21st Century by Jim Shimabukuro
A Successful Public Health MOOC: Interview with Dr. Satesh Bidaisee by Jim Shimabukuro
How Can Technology Enhance Language Learning? by Lynn Zimmerman

June 2016

Jason Ohler’s ‘4Four Big Ideas for the Future: Understanding Our Innovative Selves’ by Jim Shimabukuro

May 2016

How Can I Present a Better Webinar? by Lynn Zimmerman

April 2016

Gavin Dudeney on Technology and Teaching English by Lynn Zimmerman
80 Percent of K-12 Schools Now Using Digital Content by Jim Shimabukuro

March 2016

Join us for the TCC 2016 Worldwide Online Conference by Bert Kimura
English on the Internet, Game-based Learning, Kids’ Coding by Lynn Zimmerman
Unpack CBE: TCC 2016 Free Pre-conference Webinar March 16 at 2pm HST by Bert Kimura
Irritating Software Upgrades and the Spirit of ‘Gaman’ by Jim Shimabukuro

February 2016

Creating Community: Part 3 – Hard Conversations in an Online Classroom – ‘Heart of Darkness’ by Judith McDaniel with Tim Fraser-Bumatay, Daniel Herrera, and Ryan Kelly
Creating Community: Part 2 – Hard Conversations in an Online Classroom – ‘Othello’ by Judith McDaniel with Tim Fraser-Bumatay, Daniel Herrera, and Ryan Kelly
The Ohana by Hannah Kinsolving
To Belong by Glen Luecke
TCC 2016 : Special Pre-conference Interactive Webinar Feb. 25 by Bert Kimura
Creating Community in an Online Classroom: Part 1 – Getting to Know You by Judith McDaniel with Tim Fraser-Bumatay, Daniel Herrera, and Ryan Kelly

January 2016

Got a Technology Question? Ask a Librarian by Lynn Zimmerman

December 2015

Smartphones, Tablets & Subtitles for Language Learning by Lynn Zimmerman
Alert: Watch Out for a Password Hijacking Virus by Jim Shimabukuro
TCC 2016: Extended Deadline for Proposals (23 Dec) by Bert Kimura
Review of ‘Towards a European Perspective on Massive Open Online Courses’ by Jim Shimabukuro
‘Towards a European Perspective on Massive Open Online Courses’ by Bert Kimura

November 2015

Respondus and Sakai: The Answer to Online Quizzes by Jim Shimabukuro
CFE 2015 Faculty Showcase at UNC: ‘Teaching Less in More Depth’ by Stefanie Panke
Online Charter Schools Failing According to National Study by Jim Shimabukuro
New Instructional Design Association in Higher Ed: An Interview with Camille Funk by Stefanie Panke
Language Learning: Games, Social Media, and Apps by Lynn Zimmerman

October 2015

Poverty, Reading, and Technology by Lynn Zimmerman
TCCfx: Free Online Mini-Conference for Students & Faculty 28 Oct 2015 by Bert Kimura
MIT’s MOOC-based Micro-Master’s Degree: Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop by Jim Shimabukuro

September 2015

MOOCs: A Toolbox for Course Designers? by Jim Shimabukuro
TCC Worldwide Online Conference 2016 Apr 19-21 – Call for Proposals by Bert Kimura
What’s With Our Educators and Police? by Harry Keller
Making Literacy More Personal for Kids by Lynn Zimmerman
How GIS Improves the Process of Citizen Science by Jim Baumann
Who Are Your Tech-Sperts? by Lynn Zimmerman


A Proposal for Change in Our Current Model for Higher Ed by Lynn Zimmerman
Zen and the Art of Instructional Technology by Jim Shimabukuro
How and Why We Use Technology in the Classroom by Lynn Zimmerman
Latinos in Science and Technology (LISTA) by Vic Sutton & Bonnie Bracey Sutton
My Changing Expectations About Social Media: Facebook by Lynn Zimmerman

JULY 2015

Human Beings Could Be the Largest Untapped Resource in Online Learning by Jim Shimabukuro
MOOCs and Traditional Online Courses Are on a Collision Path by Jim Shimabukuro
Wearable Tech on Your Preschooler? Technology Education and Innovation for Children by Stefanie Panke
MOOCs Experiencing an Identity Crisis by Jim Shimabukuro
International Students and the Need for LMS Orientations by Lynn Zimmerman
Blended MOOCs, Online Remedial Courses, Nevada’s ESA by Jim Shimabukuro
Chat Rooms, Emoji, ELLs, ABCmouse by Lynn Zimmerman
Social Media in TESOL: An Interview with John Wasko by Lynn Zimmerman
Why Teaching Is No Longer Relevant in Online Courses and MOOCs by Jim Shimabukuro
Trigger Warnings, English Grammar and Style, Ed Tech and K-12 Teachers by Jim Shimabukuro
Technology in Early Education: An Interview with Katie Paciga by Lynn Zimmerman
Attrition in MOOCs: Is It a Problem or an Advantage? by Jim Shimabukuro
Lessons from Large-scale Digital Curators by Lynn Zimmerman

JUNE 2015

Virginia Leads Way to Online High School Diplomas by Jim Shimabukuro
Charles Moran: A Tribute by Nick Carbone by Jim Shimabukuro
Digital Storytelling for Social Change by Lynn Zimmerman
edX-ASU Global Freshman Academy: Will It Work? by Jim Shimabukuro
Blended Learning, Digital Equity, Skills-based Economy by Jim Shimabukuro
A Sensible Higher Ed Business Model for Online Degrees: Are We There Yet? by Jim Shimabukuro
Kadenze, CourseTalk, ECO, MOOC Completion by Jim Shimabukuro
Language Is a Barrier to Digital Equality by Lynn Zimmerman
Whither the College Library? by Jim Shimabukuro
Technology Advice for First Year International Students in US Colleges by Lynn Zimmerman

MAY 2015

Creativity Is Thinking Deeper by Harry Keller
‘Inside 360′: Behind the Scenes of the Mars One Mission
The Paleo Diet Belongs in Caves: What You Really Need to Know About Diets by Harry Keller
Using GIS and GPS Technology as Teaching Tools? by Lynn Zimmerman
Deus What? by Harry Keller
Textbooks, Emoticons, Assessment, Technology by Lynn Zimmerman

APRIL 2015

The End of Dark Energy by Harry Keller
Digital Privacy, ELL, Smartphones and GPA, Language and Smell by Lynn Zimmerman
Robots in Movies by Harry Keller
Videos on Demand: Education Week Leaders to Learn from 2015
‘Peer Reviewing in Political Science’ – April 2015 Issue of PS

MARCH 2015

Dark Matter Clues by Harry Keller
2015 Contest to Promote STEM Innovation in Public Middle Schools: Apply May 4-June 12
Free Webinar: 2015 Survey of College & University Presidents 4/14/15 at 2pm ET
MOOC Sightings 007: The Battushig Factor in College Admissions by Jim Shimabukuro
MOOC Sightings 006: Universities Are ‘Middle-men Selling a Product That Is Past Its Sell-by Date’ by Jim Shimabukuro
A Network for Under-served Populations by Bonnie Bracey Sutton/J. Malyn-Smith
Mars One CEO Answers Questions About Mission Feasibility
Mars One Fizzles? by Harry Keller
Digital Equity and Social Justice by Vic Sutton
Life on Frozen Moons by Harry Keller
MOOC Sightings 005: Wharton School and Universiti Teknikal Malaysia by Jim Shimabukuro
Free Webinar on Student Engagement 3/19/15 at 11am ET
Free Webinar on Student Engagement 3/19/15 at 11am ET
Ed Week Free Livestream 3/18/15 at 8am ET: Delisle & Fullan
Does SETI Make Sense? Part III: Evolution by Harry Keller
Preparing Your Child for a Robotic Future
Does SETI Make Sense? Part II: Life by Harry Keller
Does SETI Make Sense? Part I: Numbers by Harry Keller
TCC Online Conference 20th Anniversary – Final Call for Registration by Bert Kimura
Life Unplugged by Scott Miyahira
Stuck in Macadamia Nut Hell by Cami Lyn Nagata


MOOC Sightings 004: Outside the Box with Ontario’s Judy Morris by Jim Shimabukuro
MOOC Sightings 003: Future Learn, Microdegrees, ‘Open Internet’ by Jim Shimabukuro
MOOC Sightings 002: Oxford Professor Declares MOOCs the Loser by Jim Shimabukuro
MOOC Sightings 001: UNC and Cornell by Jim Shimabukuro
Free Webinar: ‘Using Technology to Engage Students’ 2/23/15 3pm EST
Changing Face of Healthcare: The Role Mobile Apps Will Play in Medicine by Frida Cooper
Secretary Duncan’s Discussion with Maryland Teachers to Be Streamed Live 9:50AM (ET) 2/18/15
Mars One: 100 Still in Running to Be First Humans on Mars
Technology and Our Health by Lynn W. Zimmerman
Serve the Nation as a Presidential Innovation Fellow


New Exoplanets Very Old by Harry Keller
The Science of Deflategate by Harry Keller
The Imitation Game: A Cautionary Tale by Harry Keller
Register for TCC 2015 – The Future Is Now by Bert Kimura
Practical Reasoning – Challenges for Teaching and Assessment by Stefanie Panke
Seed Wins the Mars One University Competition to Germinate Life on Mars in 2018


College and Other Lies by Veronica Brockschmidt
From ‘Yes Ma’am’ to ‘F*** You’ by Tracey Kashiwa
‘Better Than Earth’? – Baloney by Harry Keller
Weary Professors Abandon Technology? by Harry Keller
Literacy, Bullying, North Korea by Lynn W. Zimmerman
What Sort of Intelligence? by Harry Keller
‘Free the Nipple’ – on 12 Dec. 2014
Mars One: 10 Potential University Payloads to Mars in 2018


Video Games, Smartphones, Language Learning, Technology and Learning by Lynn W. Zimmerman
Who Dat? It’s E-Learn 2014! Come, Learn, Share, Connect by Stefanie Panke
TCC Worldwide Online Conference 2015: Call for Proposals
The iPhone 6 Plus and Tablets: A Tectonic Drift by Jim Shimabukuro
MOOCs, Skills vs. Tools, Games, Learning in the Digital World by Lynn W. Zimmerman
‘Big Hero 6′ Delights and Challenges by Harry Keller
Stellar Movie Fudges Science by Harry Keller
‘The Theory of Everything’ – A Hollywood Take on Science by Harry Keller


The Future of Tablets — and More by Harry Keller
Technology Is a Partial Answer to Improving Teacher Quality by Harry Keller
The Crinkle-Free Pocket Map – Google Maps by Allison Turgeon
All Rise! – Ergonomics and Back Pain by Lynn W. Zimmerman
What’s This Song Called? – SoundHound App Review by Scott Miyahira
Rarely Do I Download an App and Keep It, but When I Do — It’s a Keeper! by John Palmer
The ‘Fury’ of War Tanks by Harry Keller
U.S.-Russian Collaboration by Vic Sutton
Blood Red Moon Over Honolulu – 8 Oct. 2014 at 1:28am by Jim Shimabukuro
The Issue of Part-Time Community College Students by Jim Shimabukuro
Disney Animation Embraces Science by Harry Keller


Global Literacy XPRIZE Invites Comments by Harry Keller
Disney and XPRIZE Unite to Encourage Students to Think Science by Harry Keller
Seven Fallacies of Teaching Programming in K-12 by Harry Keller
Free Reading and eReaders Can Raise Achievement by Lynn W. Zimmerman
Study Shows College Education Often Worthless by Harry Keller
The XPRIZE Innovation Competitions by Harry Keller
Reading, Vocabulary, Glogster, Funding, ESL Teachers, VoiceThread by Lynn W. Zimmerman


Real Aliens: What Will They Look Like? by Harry Keller

JULY 2014

Dinosaurs Among Us? by Harry Keller
Out of School Stem Learning Summit: National Academy of Sciences by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Thoughts on the Surface Pro 2 After 8 Months by Jim Shimabukuro
Martian Rhapsody: Chapter 2 – Rocks by Harry Keller

JUNE 2014

Geography? T3G…ESRI in Education by Vic Sutton
What Does Cyberlearning Mean to You? Cyberlearning Summit 2014 by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Cyberlearning Summit 2014: A Quick Recap by Vic Sutton
Review: ‘The New Digital Age’ by Schmidt & Cohen by Frank B. Withrow
Mars One Seals TV Deal with Endemol

MAY 2014

Unite or Die by Harry Keller
Social Media Tips for Virtual Conference Attendance by Melissa A. Venable

APRIL 2014

GIS Helps School District Extend Facilities Management Beyond the Physical Plant by Jim Baumann
Understanding the Brain, Flipped Teaching, Suicide Prevention, Common Core Shifts by Jim Shimabukuro
SoTL Commons 2014 in Savannah: ‘Teaching Without Learning Is Just Talking’ by Stefanie Panke

MARCH 2014

A Glimpse at ‘Digital Life in 2025′ by Jim Shimabukuro
Free Higher Ed, 21st Century Learning, ELLs, Standardized Tests by Lynn W. Zimmerman
GIS Can Transform Learning: Bracey Sutton at AACE Conference by Vic Sutton
MOOCs Are Going Prime Time by Jim Shimabukuro
Introduction to ‘Jewish Studies and Holocaust Education in Poland’ by Lynn W. Zimmerman (with introduction by Jim Shimabukuro)
‘Invasion of the MOOCs’ – Grounded and Free by Jim Shimabukuro
Why Educational Equity Is Important by Allan C. Jones
LLT 18:1 – “Using Peer Computer-Mediated Corrective Feedback to Support EFL Learners’ Writing”
Journeys of the Mind: Yes, We Went to the Moon by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Registration for TCC 2014 Is Now Open by Bert Kimura
Back From Russia: It Was COLD by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
A Laptop That Opens Flat Like a Tablet – Dell Latitude 13 by Jim Shimabukuro
The Balloon That Might Burst the Higher Ed Bubble by Jim Shimabukuro
‘Jewish Studies and Holocaust Education in Poland’ by Lynn W. Zimmerman
Multilingual MOOCs, Animating Textbooks, Innovative Ideas, Social Media Concerns, Internet Safety by Lynn Zimmerman
Mars One and Islam Incompatible? by Harry Keller
Public Speaking MOOC, Khawna, UC Irvine, Boston U by Jim Shimabukuro
Oppia: Google’s New, Free E-Learning Tool by Stefanie Panke
Remind101, Oppia, Think101x, Smartphones, MOOCs by Jim Shimabukuro


#ToRead: ‘It’s Complicated’ by Stefanie Panke
‘Providence Talks’ – A Tech-Based Boost to Kindergarten Readiness by Lynn Zimmerman
2/28/2014: TEDxLansingEd – Education Ideas Worth Spreading by Jessica Knott
To Teachers — From a Grateful Nation by Frank B. Withrow
Public Education Raises the Quality of Life for the Entire Nation by Frank B. Withrow
Talk With Your Children by Frank B. Withrow
Nye v. Ham: What Is ‘Science’? by Harry Keller
Sloan-C’s ‘Advanced Online Teaching Certificate’ by Jessica Knott


A Future Without Schooling? by Jim Shimabukuro
Gaming – A Gamer’s Self-Introduction by Samuel Lee
Thinking About UFOs and Alien Visits by Harry Keller
Glean: Open Online Videos to Boost Math Instruction by Leilani Cohen


Mars One Steps Up by Harry Keller
Smartphones – Friend or Foe? by Renee Imes
Learning: Transformational, Flipped, Enhanced, Distracted by Lynn Zimmerman
Making Mistakes and Learning by Harry Keller
PISA Days Are Here Again (Part 3): Beyond An Emotional Appeal by John Sener
Teaching About Global Warming by Harry Keller
PISA Days Are Here Again (Part 2): Time for a New Song? by John Sener
Jorge: The Education of a 12-year-old in an Immigrant Family by Jeremy Scott Burg
MOOCs Are So Much More Than Courses or Statistics by Jessica Knott
Space Heats Up by Harry Keller
Mars One Delayed for Two Years by Harry Keller
The ‘New Rich’: A New Conservatism in U.S. Education? by Jim Shimabukuro
Can Technology Expand the Reach of Great Teachers? by Frank B. Withrow
Mars: One-Way or Round-Trip? by Harry Keller
PISA Days Are Here Again… by John Sener


A Caltech Grad in a Caltech MOOC, Part 5 by Harry Keller
Proposal for a Holistic Emphasis in K-12 by Bob Hoffmann
The Symbiosis of College and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) by Kenji Mori
Breakthrough: Online Bachelor’s Degree for $19,200 by Jim Shimabukuro
The Finnish Education System May Not Be the Answer to Our Woes by Jim Shimabukuro
A Caltech Grad in a Caltech MOOC, Part 4 by Harry Keller
Can America’s Wasted Talent Be Harnessed Through the Power of Internet Based Learning? by Jim Riggs
Acronym in Cheek: STEM, STEAM… by Harry Keller
The Surface Pro 2 Will Be the Death of Notebooks by Jim Shimabukuro
An Interview with Tom Preskett: The Evolving Role of a Learning Technologist by Jim Shimabukuro
A Caltech Grad in a Caltech MOOC, Part 3 by Harry Keller


New AACE Special Interest Group on ‘Assessing, Designing and Developing E-Learning (ADD)’ by Stefanie Panke
A Caltech Grad in a Caltech MOOC, Part 2 by Harry Keller
Qualities for a Strong Online vs. F2F Teacher: Are They Different? by Joe Chianakas
Why the Surface Pro 2 Will Be a Game Changer in the Tablet World Series by Jim Shimabukuro
ISSOTL 2013: ‘Doing SoTL Means You Never Have to Say You’re Sorry!’ by Stefanie Panke
Students: Win a Trip to L.A. – Enter the IWitness Challenge – Deadline 12/2/13 (PR)
VLC Media Player: Many Hidden Features by Chaz Baruela
A Caltech Grad in a Caltech MOOC by Harry Keller
Language Is the Key to Community by Frank B. Withrow
Technology in Higher Ed: We Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet by Jim Shimabukuro
Technological Advances for the Disabled Benefit Everyone by Frank B. Withrow


Retirement of Your Elementary School Students: Keeping in Touch with Facebook by Frank B. Withrow
SPOCs Are MOOC Game Changers by Jim Shimabukuro
Martian Rhapsody: Chapter 1 – Landing (REVISED) by Harry Keller
MOOC MOOC! The interview by Jessica Knott
A Conversation with Curtis Ho: AACE E-Learn SIG on Designing, Developing and Assessing E-Learning by Stefanie Panke
MOOC Looks: Zombies and Sober Reality by Jim Shimabukuro


USC Shoah Foundation: Video Challenge for Grades 6-12 by Lynn Zimmerman
‘Teaching Digital Natives’: Difference Between ‘Relevant’ and ‘Real’ by Lynn Zimmerman
10th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference at Elon University: Cutting Edge Without Being Trendy by Stefanie Panke, Rob Moore, and Jamar Jones
‘Inspiration Mars’ Inspires by Harry Keller
Hyperloop: Is It Better, Faster, and Cheaper? by Harry Keller
My Vision for the 21st Century School by Frank B. Withrow
Broadband for Schools: Do We Need Gbps Bandwidth? by Harry Keller
Free Textbooks for College? by Harry Keller

JULY 2013

Sloan-C’s Blended Learning 2013 — Best Yet! by Jessica Knott
Esri 2013 – The Best Conference I’ve Attended This Year by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Textbooks Are Zombies by Harry Keller
Muvaffak Gozaydin: Online Education in the Next Ten Years by Muvaffak Gozaydin
Wholesale Adoption of iPads by Schools a Mistake by Harry Keller
MOOCulus for Calculus Fun: An Interview with Tom Evans by Jessica Knott
Mobile Technology Finding a Place in the Classroom by Morgan Sims
MIT LINC 2013: ‘Consistent but Stupid’ by Jim Shimabukuro
ISTE 2013: Successful — but Too Big? by Bonnie Bracey Sutton

JUNE 2013

A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter Chat Participation by Melissa A. Venable
A Quality Check on the NCTQ ‘Teacher Prep Review’ by John Sener
Is the LEAD Commission Right About Education Technology? by Harry Keller
Technology Bang for Buck by Harry Keller
The Winds of Change Blow Young: K-12 Reform by Jim Shimabukuro
MOOCs, Ted Underwood, CALL Overview, netTrekker, Special Needs, Language Learning by Lynn Zimmerman
Farnsworth’s Fusion: What’s It All About? by Harry Keller
What Are MOOCs Anyway and Should You Consider Moocing? by Jim Shimabukuro

MAY 2013

Temple’s TECH: A Learning Center That’s a Form of Social Media by John Sener
‘Hacking the Academy’ – Intimate Conversations with Voices at the Edge by Jessica Knott
Cloudy with a Rain of Data by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Martian Rhapsody: Chapter 1 – Landing by Harry Keller
Stone Soup with Curt Bonk: Armchair Indiana Jones in Action by Stefanie Panke
‘Teaching History in the Digital Age’ – Call for a New Breed of Teachers by Lynn Zimmerman
‘Hacking the Academy’ – A Test of Time by Jim Shimabukuro
Mars – A New Beginning by Harry Keller
When Attending a Virtual Conference, It’s the Little Things by Jessica Knott

APRIL 2013

My Spring of Discontent: A Proposal for Flipped Conferences by Jim Shimabukuro
Time Out at TCC 2013: How Social Media Saved the Day by Stefanie Panke
Professional Cohorts: A Little Help From Your Friends by Jessica Knott
Give Your Phone a Voice! by Mike Curcio
Interactive Holographic Images Preserve Stories of Holocaust Survivors by Lynn Zimmerman
Mars One: Exciting Adventure or Hoax? by Harry Keller

MARCH 2013

Sugata Mitra, MOOCs, and Minimally Invasive Education by Jim Shimabukuro
An Online Physical Education Class by John Adsit
Don’t Blame Teachers for the Poor State of STEM by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
‘For Each and Every Child’ – A Strategy for Yesterday’s Child by Frank B. Withrow
Impact of Facebook on Deaf Language Users? by Frank B. Withrow
Study Suggests the Need for an Intergrated Learning Styles Approach to Calculus by Jessica Knott
What Can a Mind Do? by Frank B. Withrow


Triptico: A Powerful and Free Instructional App by Kathlyen Harrison and Michael Gilmartin
What the Deaf Blind Have Taught Us About Thinking and Communicating by Frank B. Withrow
More Than Morale at Stake: Teachers in the U.S. Need to Take the Lead by Jim Shimabukuro
The Future Is in Team Learning by Frank B. Withrow
Language: Evolving Over Time and Space by Frank B. Withrow
Congressman Miller’s Tech Legislation Misses the Mark by Frank B. Withrow
What Happens to Schools and Teachers in the Digital Age? by Frank B. Withrow
Robert E. Yager Discusses ‘Hands-On’ Science Education by Harry Keller


Failed Expectations: The Problem of P-12 Online Programs by John Adsit
Next Generation Science Standards Fall Flat by Harry Keller
Smackademia – the Best of Both Worlds! by Jessica Knott
Evidence Approaches, Language Teaching Online, Literacy Skills, Parent Support for Tech by Lynn Zimmerman
The First Step in Educational Change Is Unlearning by Jim Shimabukuro
The MOOC, an Incubator for Great Ideas: A Personal Experience by Niall Watts
Is Building Apps for Everyone? by Harry Keller
‘The Shallows’ – The Web Is Changing Our Brains by Lynn Zimmerman
Babson 2013 Online Education Survey Report Released by Jim Shimabukuro
Teaching Science — A Former Classroom Teacher’s View by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Internet English, NSF’s Cyberlearning, Trace Effects 3D, STEM and Minorities by Lynn Zimmerman
‘Stickies’ – A Prewriting Tool for Writers by Jim Shimabukuro
Are Schools Ready for Today’s Five-Year Olds? by Frank B. Withrow


Verbling, Touchscreens, Tablets, Smartphones etc. by Lynn Zimmerman
Whither MOOCs in 2013? by Jim Shimabukuro
Chromebooks for Teachers Through 12/21 for $99 by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Girl Develop It: A Safe Environment to Learn Coding by Jessica Knott
TIME 2012 Person of the Year – MOOC by Jim Shimabukuro
The Sad State of Teaching Thinking in Our Nation’s Schools by Bonnie Bracey Sutton


Need More Software Engineers? Teach Thinking Skills Better by Harry Keller
The Real Issue in Ed Tech May Be Maintenance by John Adsit
Blame Poorly Designed Technology Instead of Teacher Training by Harry Keller
Formative Assessment and Blended Learning, Texting, Bullying, MOOCs by Lynn Zimmerman
Help Sandy Victims – Emergency Education Directory by Sylvie I. Calman
Are Games Such As ‘Angry Birds’ Appropriate for Kids? by Lynn Zimmerman
Flipped, Blended, Distracted by Lynn Zimmerman
Chubb’s ‘The Best Teachers in the World’ Disses MSOs by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Twitter for Professional Use – Part 4: Participating in a Live Event by Melissa A. Venable
An Interview with Tim Holt, Author of ’180 Questions’ by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Placement Tests and the Unravelling of College Developmental Programs by Jim Shimabukuro


Oakland Unified School District Uses GIS to Further Academic Achievement by Jim Baumann
Not Satisfied, but Hopeful, About Online Science by Dan Branan
The Real Story on Online Science Labs by Harry Keller
The Latest Technologies Bump into Obsolete Laws by Lynn Zimmerman
Education in the 21st Century: The World Is Our Classroom by Frank B. Withrow
No Satisfaction in Finding on Online vs. Traditional Science Classes by John Adsit
Size May Be the iPad Mini’s Downfall by Jim Shimabukuro
Passport – Blurring the Lines Between LMSs, Game Environments, and e-Portfolios by Jessica Knott
AT&T’s Online Mentoring Academy: A Model for Public-Private Partnering by Jessica Knott
What Will Drive the Future of Educational Technology? by John Adsit
Wireless EdTech 2012, Augmented Reality Device, Infographics on Ed Tech, Broadband Deployment by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
CFHE 2012 Impressions: My Bumpy Start to a MOOC on Future Trends in Higher Ed – ’505 Unread Discussion Messages’ by Stefanie Panke
Update on UNC’s Remote Proctoring Services by Franklin Hayes
Remote Proctoring: UNC’s Low-Tech Network Model May Be the Best by Jim Shimabukuro
Remote Proctoring: More Questions Than Answers (an interview with Bert Kimura) by Jim Shimabukuro
Remote Proctoring Services May Not Be Necessary by John Adsit
Advising Umbrella: Maximum Faculty Involvement for Maximum Student Success by Sharaf Rehman
Lessons Learned from a MOOC by Kae Novak


Sep. 20, 2012: Teachers & Technology, iPad Study, Video Sites, Computer Tutoring by Lynn Zimmerman
For Schools, Laptops Are Still Better Than Tablets by Harry Keller
Technology Has a Long History in Learning — and It’s Getting Even Better by Frank B. Withrow
Sep. 6, 2012: edX and VUE, Kapiolani CC, Manchester Study, Lake Park-Audubon HS by Jim Shimabukuro
Sep. 6, 2012: Grammar and Texting, Flipped Classrooms, iPods, iPads by Lynn Zimmerman
Punking Klout by Jessica Knott
Sep. 2, 2012 – Digital Literacy, Computerized GED, 50 Best Apps… by Lynn Zimmerman


How Will Traditional Leaders Fare in the Wave of Open Courses? by Cathy Gunn
Teaching and Learning Conference at Elon University: Technology As a Prop – Not at Center Stage by Stefanie Panke, Rob Moore, and Greg Whisenhunt
Mapping Dragons: Esri 2012 Conferences by Charlie Fitzpatrick
Pinterest: A Quick and Easy Tool to Gather Web Materials by Lynn Zimmerman
August 21, 2012 – Education in 2020, DCL, Tech Costs by Lynn Zimmerman
Home Schooling As the 21st Century Model for Public Schools? by Jim Shimabukuro
A Sign of How MOOCs Will Impact Colleges by Jim Shimabukuro
Constructing a Sustainable Model for Higher Education: Part 1 – Disaggregation of Teaching by Brian Mulligan
A Londoner’s View of the 2012 Olympics: Live Feed of All Sports at Any Time! by Tom Preskett
August 9, 2012 – Credentialing, Mobiles, Online Conferences by Jim Shimabukuro
What Can Tomorrow’s Students Expect? by Harry Keller
The London Olympics, NBC, and Education by Jim Shimabukuro
Greg Green Is Flippin’ in Clinton by Lynn Zimmerman
The ESRI Conferences: A GIS Journey Toward Citizen Science by Bonnie Bracey Sutton

JULY 2012

Teaching Science Teachers Science by Harry Keller
UC Berkeley’s Online Education Strategy: A Model for Change by Jim Shimabukuro
NAEP and the Future of Science Education by Harry Keller
Udacity and Implications for Higher Ed by Lynn Zimmerman
Are Educators So Full of It That They Can No Longer Detect It? by Jim Shimabukuro
Diversity Is Too Important to Ignore in the Talk to Technologize by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Year-Round Schooling for the 21st Century: We Can’t Afford to Waste Summers by Frank B. Withrow

JUNE 2012

The UVA Controversy: Change as a Moving Target by Jim Shimabukuro
How Anti-Evolution Helps to Define Science by Harry Keller
Learning and Teaching in the 21st Century: The Potential for Social Media Such as Facebook by Frank B. Withrow

MAY 2012

Shaking It Up, Part 3 — A Conversation with John Sener, Author of ‘The Seven Futures of American Education’ by Judith McDaniel
Shaking It Up, Part 2 — A Conversation with John Sener, Author of ‘The Seven Futures of American Education’ by Judith McDaniel
Shaking It Up, Part 1 — A Conversation with John Sener, Author of ‘The Seven Futures of American Education’ by Judith McDaniel
Social Media Is a Minefield for Educators by Lynn Zimmerman
After the Flip — The Skip and the Leap? by Jim Shimabukuro
Taking Aim at a President: Technology vs. Traditional Practices in Liberal Arts Colleges by Jim Shimabukuro
National Education Initiatives Are Destroying Teacher Morale by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Death of Plagiarism in the 21st Century by Jim Shimabukuro

APRIL 2012

Education for All Children: An Imperative for the 21st Century by Frank B. Withrow
‘Academically Adrift’ Redux: The Memes Have Spoken by John Sener
The Quest for Badging: My Experiences at TCC 2012 by Jessica Knott
Mahalo TCC 2012: I Have a New Badge Backpack! by Stefanie Panke
iFacilitate 2012 Online Workshop: Final Three Weeks by Jim Shimabukuro
Ravitch Ravages Reforms by Harry Keller

MARCH 2012

Language Learning in the 21st Century: Part III – Chinese As the Language of the Future by Michael Hurwitz
The Short Shelf Life of Digital Textbooks by Samantha Peters
iFacilitate 2012 Online Workshop: First Two Weeks by Jim Shimabukuro
Twitter for Professional Use – Part 3: Curating the Chaos by Melissa A. Venable
A Radical Rethinking of What Learning Can Be by Frank B. Withrow
The Huge Void in Quality Multiple Media Programs for Upper Grade Levels by Frank B. Withrow


Visions of Greatness by Frank B. Withrow
Edinburgh Manifesto: A Declaration of Endependence by Jim Shimabukuro
Edinburgh Manifesto: A Disturbing Subtext by Harry Keller
A ‘Manifesto for Teaching Online’: The Edinburgh Edict by Jim Shimabukuro
A Laptop for Every Student — It Doesn’t Have to Cost So Much by Jim Shimabukuro
Language Learning in the 21st Century: Part II  Technology Makes English the Global Language by Michael Hurwitz
Should Students Have a Personal Brand? by Thomas Ho
An Interview with the 2012 Global TIME Program Chair Theo Bastiaens by Stefanie Panke
AACE Online Conference 2012: The Challenge of Finding TIME by Stefanie Panke
On the Importance of Face to Face by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Understanding the Potential of Ed Tech: The Eyes Don’t Have It by Jim Shimabukuro
Migration to Digital Textbooks by 2017 – The ‘Playbook’ (Harry Keller)
Innovator Spotlight 2012 – Feb. 15 (Bert Kimura)
Language Learning in the 21st Century: Part I – Technology Is a Game Changer by Michael Hurwitz


Evolution Still Under Attack After 150 Years by Harry Keller
Student Failure = Teacher Failure (Bonnie Bracey Sutton)
Educational Games Part III: Their ‘Educational’ Characteristics by Michael Biocchi
Some Definitions of ‘Online Course’ May Be Legalese by Ilene Frank
Hawaii Teachers Reject RTT: What Did Arne Expect? by Harry Keller
Sloan-C’s Definition of ‘Online Course’ May Be Out of Sync with Reality by Jim Shimabukuro
Plagiarism: Alive and Kicking in Academia by Lynn Zimmerman
ClassDojo – More Than Simple Behavior Tracking by Jessica Knott
Cyberlearning Research Summit Jan. 18 (Bonnie Bracey Sutton)
University 2020: The Worm Narrative, Part I by Jim Shimabukuro
Facebook Timeline: They’re Already Telling Us the Story of Their Life… by Thomas Ho
21st Century Education Requires Distributed Support for Learning by Chris Dede
Internet Access Should Be a Civil Right by Jim Shimabukuro
Should Internet Access Be a Civil Right? (Bonnie Bracey Sutton)
ClassDojo, CourseKit, Flat World Knowledge, and Piazza (Thomas Ho)
Teachers in 2012: It’s All About the Money? (Bonnie Bracey Sutton)
2012 for K-12: Outsourcing and a Rhee-turn? (Bonnie Bracey Sutton)


Online Learning 2012: Six Issues That Refuse to Die by Jim Shimabukuro
A Proposal for a Digital Braille Decoder of Spoken Speech for Deaf-Blind Students by Frank B. Withrow
A 21st Century Scenario for Project-based Learning by Frank B. Withrow
‘What’s the Real Source of Pedagogic Change?’ (Bert Kimura)
Japan/Korea and U.S. Students: Cultural Differences in Web 2.0 Environments by Jim Shimabukuro
Online and Traditional Courses: The Debate Is Over? by Jim Shimabukuro
Choosing Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching and Learning by Tom Preskett
A Lesson from Rural China: Not One Student Less by Jim Shimabukuro
U.S. Education Is Getting Worse, Not Better by Harry Keller
The US Needs a Federal Learning Technology Program by Frank B. Withrow
‘Deepening and Strengthening Teacher Education’ on Dec. 8


Supercomputing, The Singularity, and 21st Century Teachers by Jim Shimabukuro
17th TCC Worldwide Online Conference April 17-19, 2012
More on SC11 – ‘Broadening Engagement’ by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Twitter for Professional Use – Part 2: Channeling the Streams by Melissa A. Venable
Conferences Are About People – ‘Broadening Engagement’ by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
SETDA, FOSI, SC11: Learning Registry, Online Safety, Supercomputing by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Games Level the Educational Playing Field – And They Make Learning Fun by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Seniors and Mobile Devices Cruise Together by Frank B. Withrow
Educational Games Part II: Using New Technologies in the Classroom by Michael Biocchi
Standardization and ‘Best Practice’ Should Not Share the Same Bed by Jim Shimabukuro
Longer Lives and Questions of Quality by Frank B. Withrow


Boomers and Millennials – Structure Vs. Flexibility by Jim Shimabukuro
The New ‘Open’ Is Closed – Microsoft and Google Still Don’t Get It by Jim Shimabukuro
Training the Hybrid Educator Nov 2 – Online Chat
Interview with Steven Bell on Oct 28 – Free & Online
Global Education Conference 2011, Nov 14-18 – Online & Free
Free Library 2.011 Worldwide Virtual Conference Nov 2-4
At the Wireless Ed Tech Conference Oct. 20-21 by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
At Last – Recognition for Blog-based Portfolios by Jim Shimabukuro
We Can Fix Our Public Schools If We Care Enough by Harry Keller
A Talk with Janet Buckenmeyer on Issues in Online Course Development by Lynn Zimmerman
Who Speaks for Teachers? by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
‘Students Come First’ in Idaho, but the Task Force Has to Do Its Homework by Jim Shimabukuro
Online Discussion 10.14.11 – Change IS Possible Despite Politics and Counterimplementation Tactics
Educational Politics: Sheep, Special Interests, and Perks by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
National Air and Space Museum: Free Interactive Online Conference – Oct 28
Bush and Hunt’s ‘New Higher Education Model’ Falls Short by Jim Shimabukuro
STEMtech 2011 Online Conference, Oct. 12
Twitter for Professional Use – Part 1: Getting Started by Melissa A. Venable
Learning Software – Must Move Beyond the Trivial by Harry Keller
FOSI 2011 Annual Conference
University Leaders Beginning to Flex Their eMuscles by Jim Shimabukuro
LearningTimes Jossey-Bass Online Conference Oct. 18-20
The Aakash $35 Tablet – A Breakthrough for Universal Access by Jim Shimabukuro
The Digital Promise Must Include Virtual and Real-time Learning Places by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Harry Keller Interview in AJDE by Jim Shimabukuro
Thoughts on Thinking in the Digital Age by Frank B. Withrow


Ranking Online Programs — Again by Judith McDaniel
The Digital Promise – It Must Be Sustainable by Jim Shimabukuro
The Digital Promise: Bringing People Together to Ensure Learning for All by Frank B. Withrow
The Digital Promise Must Be a Total Learning Experience by Frank B. Withrow
‘Schema Automation Can Kill You!’ – A Review of EARLI 2011 in Exeter (UK) by Stefanie Panke
The Emphasis on 21st Century Schools Will Be on Teamwork by Frank B. Withrow
Online and Teacherless Aren’t Synonymous by Jim Shimabukuro
A Student’s View of an Open University: An Interview with Billy Sichone by Stefanie Panke
A Lesson from Kyrene: Technology Alone Is Not the Answer by Jim Shimabukuro


Three Things Teachers Can Do With Twitter – Right Now! by Jessica Knott
The Information Age: Access Is Only the First Step by Frank B. Withrow
Julia Kaltenbeck: How Crowdfunding and Social Payments Can Finance OER by Stefanie Panke
It Still Takes a Village: Social Media by Frank B. Withrow
Instructional Technologists Are Needed in K-16 by Harry Keller
Open Online Classes: Is Retention an Effective Measure of Success? by Jim Shimabukuro
Managing Online Learning: What’s Best Practice? by Jim Shimabukuro
Open Learning at P2PU: An Interview with Jessica Ledbetter by Stefanie Panke
Online Science Initiatives Are Changing Traditional Roles by Jim Shimabukuro
Data Mining and Online Learning by Jim Shimabukuro
Challenges for Schools in the Digital Age by Frank B. Withrow
Belgian Newspapers v. Google: Text of the Court of Appeal’s Decision by Claude Almansi

JULY 2011

Profiles of Inspiration for All of Us by Frank B. Withrow
iPhone 4 – Redefining Mobility in Education by Jim Shimabukuro
Tactile Learning: Italian and US Experiences by Claude Almansi, Frank B. Withrow, and Tiziana Castorina
Technology Makes Home Schooling a Viable Alternative by Frank B. Withrow
Obrigada Lisboa! ED-MEDIA 2011 Conference or ‘This Is Your Tribe’ by Stefanie Panke
A Vision of Blended Learning in 2013 by Frank B. Withrow
Ranking Online Education Programs by Judith McDaniel
How the Non-Disabled View the Disabled by Frank B. Withrow
Computers Can Help Language-Disabled Learners by Frank B. Withrow
Law of Unintended Consequences Meets Law of Supply and Demand: New USDE Rules for Online Programs by Judith McDaniel
Distance Learning Gives Many Students a New Lease on Learning by Frank B. Withrow

JUNE 2011

The Need for High DL Standards Will Raise Standards Across America by Frank B. Withrow
Mildred A. McGinnis: A Pioneer in the Treatment of Aphasia by Frank B. Withrow
Project Based vs Problem Based Learning by Jan Schwartz
Skeptical About Left- and Right-Brain Learning by Frank B. Withrow
Comments on Polisi’s ‘Put the Arts Back into Schools’: The Arts Are Critical for Whole-Brain Learning, by William H. Zaggle; The Arts Is Not Only About Music, by Harry Keller; The Arts Engage Students and Encourage Learning in Other Subjects, by Frank B. Withrow
Copyright and Disability: WIPO Consensus Document by Claude Almansi
Diversity and Cultural Heritage via Technology by Frank B. Withrow
Whither Writing Instruction in the 21st Century? by Jason Ohler ( Bonnie Bracey Sutton)
Captioning Films and TV: A Brief History by Frank B. Withrow
The Importance of Tacit Knowledge in Science Educators by Harry Keller
Grodzka Gate – A Portal to Our Past by Lynn Zimmerman
The Human Face of Twitter: An Interview with Susan Murphy by Jessica Knott
The Rise of Informal Knowledge and the Teacher’s Evolving Role by William H. Zaggle
The Arts and Digital Technology by Frank B. Withrow
Educational Games Part I: A Way to Make Even Math Fun by Michael Biocchi
A Multimedia Standard for Educational Videos by Frank B. Withrow
A Comment on Lessig’s e-G8 Talk by Harry Keller
Technology Is the Magic That Changes Our Lives by Frank B. Withrow
e-G8 – Lawrence Lessig: ‘Outsider Innovation Threatens the Incumbent’ by Jim Shimabukuro
The Digital Challenge for Educators by Frank B. Withrow
Rupert Murdoch on the Money About Importance of Software by Harry Keller
e-G8 – Rupert Murdoch: Education Is the Last Digital Holdout by Jim Shimabukuro
Technology Can Help Deaf-Blind Infants by Frank B. Withrow
Samuel Y. Gibbon, Jr. – Setting a Standard for Educational Media by Frank B. Withrow
e-G8 Forum – ‘Future Net: What’s Next?’ by Jim Shimabukuro
A Proposal for a U.N. Global Internet School by Frank B. Withrow
UnCollege — a Bold New Approach to One’s Education? by John Sener
Thoughts on Memorial Day by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
The Creative Use of Technology Can End Hunger and Illiteracy by Frank B. Withrow
Infographics: Problems and Opportunities by Claude Almansi

MAY 2011

Judah Schwartz: Through the Lens of the Computer by Frank B. Withrow
Education Reform: If It Can’t Fit into a Tablet PC, Forget It by Jim Shimabukuro
Social Media for Imaginative Solutions to Exciting Problems by Frank B. Withrow
An Isolated World of His Own Creation by Frank B. Withrow
The White House Is Calling by Frank B. Withrow
Real Changes in Education Are Rare by Harry Keller
How Do You Define ‘Technophobia’? by Jessica Knott
Excellent Teachers Engage, Inspire, and Empower by Frank B. Withrow
Dale’s Three-Legged Stool: The Power of Rewards by Frank B. Withrow
Social Media Should Not Be Banned from Classrooms by Frank B. Withrow
A Quick and Dirty Look at Project-Based Learning by Jim Shimabukuro
Technology As a Prosthetic: Opening New Educational Doors for Disabled Children by Frank B. Withrow
Race to the Top Leaves Many Floundering at the Bottom by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Reflections on Teaching About Web 2.0 Tools by Tom Preskett
A Vision of Education in the Next Ten to Twenty Years by Frank B. Withrow
21st Century Schools: Bridging the Gap Between Traditional and Digital Learning Resources by Frank B. Withrow
An Interview with Jessica Knott: Teaching an Online Class on Course Development by Jim Shimabukuro
Education Ain’t Broken, So Stop Trying to ‘Fix’ It by John Sener
Will $90 DVD Players Replace Home PCs? by Jim Shimabukuro
What Teachers Need: An Ongoing Conversation with Education Leaders by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
The Web As a Platform for Teacher Revitalization by Jim Shimabukuro
Fighting the High Cost of Low Teacher Respect by John Sener

APRIL 2011

‘YouTube Copyright School’ – Remixed and Mixed Up by Claude Almansi
Integration of Pedagogy and Technology in Teacher Education: An Interview with Emily Hixon by Lynn Zimmerman
Lessig: The Architecture of Access to Scientific Knowledge – Call for Subtitlers by Claude Almansi
Connective Learning: Challenges for Learners, Teachers, and Educational Institutions by Claude Almansi
When Medium Meets Message: Professional Development for the 21st Century by Jim Shimabukuro
Prezi Reflections on a Presentation: ‘Structuring an Online Course’ by Tom Preskett
A Celebration of Healing and the New Web Rhetoric: ‘StarFestival’ by Jim Shimabukuro
‘StarFestival: A Return to Japan’ with Shigeru Miyagawa by Bonnie Bracey Sutton and Jim Shimabukuro
Harvard/Stanford Call for ‘Ideas for a Better Internet’ by Claude Almansi
Straight Talk About K-12 Public Education by Allan C. Jones
IFPI, P2P and an Article that Disappeared by Claude Almansi
Are Online Discussions a Form of Writing or Speaking – or Something Altogether Different? by Lynn Zimmerman
‘Trust’ – an Unfortunate Movie About Online Predators by Nancy Willard
Computational Thinking, Computational Science and High Performance Computing in K-12 Education: White Paper on 21st Century Educationby Raymond Rose, Henry Neeman, Bonnie Bracey Sutton, and Vic Sutton

MARCH 2011

Supercomputing: An Interview with Henry Neeman by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Measuring the Quality of Online Programs: We Still Don’t Have Guidelines by Judith McDaniel
Science Education and Society by Harry Keller
A Cloud-Based Model for Change – Brookdale Community College by Jim Shimabukuro
Broadband, Cyberbullying, Child Abuse – A Teacher’s Plate Is Fullby Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Mental Model for 21st Century Education: School First or Student First by Jim Shimabukuro
What Is Your Mental Model for 21st Century Education? by William H. Zaggle
‘Asians in the Library’: The Value of Social Networking by John Adsit
‘Asians in the Library’ and Lessons for Colleges by Jim Shimabukuro
NFB: NYU, Northwestern and Other Schools Adopting Google Apps Discriminate Against the Blind by Claude Almansi
Standardized Tests and Foul Shooting: Look Out, Michael Jordan! by John Sener
The ‘Net Generation’ and the Myth of Research by Jim Shimabukuro
Call for Chapters: Classroom Experiences with Tech by Claude Almansi
We Can’t Teach ‘Critical Thinking’ Until We Learn How to Assess It by John Adsit
‘Net Generation’ — A Myth? by Jan Schwartz
Beware of Privacy and Other Issues When Signing Up for Free Courses by Claude Almansi
The Value of Curriculum Coresby John Sener


What a Learning Technologist Needs to Be Good At by Tom Preskett
Why LMSs Aren’t the Answer by Jim Shimabukuro
Do We Really Need a Core Curriculum? by John Sener
Cyberbullying: An Interview with Parry Aftab by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
The Open Source LMS: Look Out, Big Kids by Jessica Knott
Cyberbullying: An Interview with Nancy Willard by Claude Almansi
Info Literacy: Julian Assange’s Statement for the Feb. 4, 2011 Melbourne Rally by Claude Almansi
Learning from Doctorow’s ‘With a Little Help’ by Claude Almansi
Questions About Teacherless Online Classes by Lynn Zimmerman
Science Fairs Failing? by Harry Keller


256GB Flash Drives – How Will They Impact Education? by Guy Inaba
‘Academically Adrift’: Helping College Students Learn by John Adsit
Panic in an Online Class: A Message to My Students by Jim Shimabukuro
Algebra and the iPad by Harry Keller
Learning to Learn, Learning to Teach by Harry Keller
Kids@Play and MommyTech at CES 2011 by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
The Issue of Self-Motivation in F2F and Online Learning by Tom Preskett
Critical Importance of Social Interaction in Online Courses by Lynn Zimmerman
Expertnet Wiki for the White House OpenGov Initiative by Claude Almansi


Of Cows, Captions and Copyright: Users Need the Right to Caption and Subtitle Videos for Access and Learning by Claude Almansi
What Really Influences the Education of Children? by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Kids and iPads: How Will They Impact Schools and Colleges? by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
What Do the PISA Test Results Really Mean? by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
There’s Blended Learning and There’s Blended Learning! by Tom Preskett
Open Educational Resources – An Invitation to Reflect Your Practice by Stefanie Panke
A Lesson from Haiti: Despite the Lack of IT, Learning Happens by Lynn Zimmerman
How to Report Phishing? by Claude Almansi
ETC Nominated for Edublog Awards: Polls Open Until Dec. 14 by Stefanie Panke
Cell Phones at School – How Can We Incorporate Them? by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
The ‘Dojo’ Model for Student-Led Learning by Jim Shimabukuro
ICE’s Seizures of Domain Names Concern Us All by Claude Almansi
‘PISA 2009 Results’ Released Today: US Hovers at the Mean by Jim Shimabukuro
Assessment 2.0 on the Horizon by William H. Zaggle
Today Is a Day to Share Your Visions by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Quality Online Discussion Needs a Quality Assessment System by John Adsit
Information Overload and Education by Harry Keller
Sloan-C 2010 Report on Online Education – A Quick Review by Jim Shimabukuro


Trolls – How to Deal with Them? by Jim Shimabukuro
‘Operation In Our Sites II’ – Out of Sight for the Blind by Claude Almansi
Hybrid High in Biology Class by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
PLENK2010: Theory As Practice by Jim Shimabukuro
PLENK 2010: Summary of Week 7-10 – The End by Stefanie Panke
Meeting the Needs: Praise of Folly: STEM Faces Stiff Opposition in American Culture by John Adsit
EBUS – A Model for Online Learning by Jim Shimabukuro
The Confused State of ‘Online’ Courses at Sac State by Jim Shimabukuro
Fixing Middle School Science and Math by Harry Keller
A Glimpse at the 2010 National Education Technology Plan by Jim Shimabukuro
Review: iTunes U 2010 Conference in Munich, Oct 13-14 by Stefanie Panke
Open Courseware: A Survey and Comments by Jim Shimabukuro
Update: Reschooling Society and the Promise of ee-Learning: An Interview with Steve Eskow by Steve Eskow
Change – Do Some Approaches Discourage It? by Steve Eskow
Online Marine Science Program Hooks Students Through Diving by John Adsit
Internet Information Access Transforms Instruction by John Adsit
Disconnect Between Means and Ends: 2010 NCREN Community Day by Jim Shimabukuro


The Culture of Presentation by Steve Eskow
PLENK 2010, Weeks 4-6: Learning Theories, Evaluation and Literacies by Stefanie Panke
Why Educational Games Fail by Tim Stutt
‘Adequate’ Isn’t Good Enough: The NETP Roadmap to Higher Expectations by Tina Rooks
What Can We Do About Low Returns for Online Student Evaluations? by Lynn Zimmerman
How to Blame the Teachers: A Manifesto of Nonsense by John Sener
Next Generations: Reactives to Civics to Adaptives, as Foreseen by an Old Adaptive by Jim Dator
Crisis in K-12 Computer Science by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Are Low Returns the Norm for Online Student Evaluations? by Lynn Zimmerman
We Need to Blend, First, to Transition to Online Learning by William H. Zaggle
Brockton Success a Collaborative Walk Down a Proven Path by John Adsit
Breaking Down Barriers by Harry Keller
Education Is a Collaborative Process: Teachers and Leaders Have to Work Togetherby Bonnie Bracey Sutton


Metaphors for ‘University’ – A Survey by Claude Almansi
‘Web XXO’ – Week Three of PLENK2010 on Emerging Technologies by Stefanie Panke
Downes & Connell @ Eskow – A Case of Miscommunication by Jim Shimabukuro
Attwell @ Preskett, or Don’t Fix It If It Ain’t Broke by Jim Shimabukuro
In Favor of Hybrid Education by Jan Schwartz
Annoyance at the Ubiquitous and Protean Notion of ’21st Century Skills’ by Steve Eskow
The ‘Open Mode’ – A Step Toward Completely Online by Tom Preskett
‘Locked’ Ning Networks? Access, Copyright and Privacy by Claude Almansi
PLENK2010: Week 2 – Personal Learning & Institutional Learning or ‘A Great Course in Diagram Making’! by Stefanie Panke
The Euphonium Conundrum and the Online Option by John Adsit
PLENK2010 – How Can PLEs Benefit My Students? by Lynn Zimmerman
‘Learning by Playing’: Seven Tips for Game Designers by Harry Keller
PLENK 2010: Just Like ‘Watching Football’ by Stefanie Panke
Living in Glass Schoolhouses: 21st Century Teaching and Learning Is Much More Than Standards by Robert Plants
Learnings from a MOOC by Jan Schwartz
Prensky’s Solutions for Public Schools Are Woefully Simplisticby John Sener
Is the Scientific and Engineering Approach to Education Doing More Harm Than Good? by Steve Eskow


Idit Harel Caperton – An Interview at the Edge of Change by Bonnie Bracey Sutton and Vic Sutton
Why Unjoin Ning Networks that Won’t Pay by Claude Almansi
The Overriding Issue: Are Blended Learning Advocates the Primary Obstacle to Change? by Steve Eskow
Education Reform: Incremental or Disruptive? by Jim Shimabukuro
Educational Engineers: The Missing Link in Innovation by William H. Zaggle
Technological Literacy: The Key to Education Reform by Harry Keller
Ning’s New Deadline for Pay-Only: Aug. 30 by Claude Almansi
Change Has Already Arrived but We Don’t Know It, Yet by Jim Shimabukuro
Arne and Michelle vs. Larry: The Statistical Battle by Robert Plants
Is Obama’s Plan for Ed Reform About to Crash? Two articles: Time to Push the Ed Reform Pendulum Sideways by Harry Keller and The Teacher’s Voice Is Missing by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Is ‘Technology Expert’ an Oxymoron? by Harry Keller
In Learning Design, Pedagogy First, Medium Second by Tom Preskett
Administrators Don’t Have Time to Keep Up with Ed Tech by John Adsit
Who’s on First for the Education Reform Pennant? by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
The Need for Openness in Professional Publications by Bert Kimura
Little Things Add Up to Big Things by John Thompson
Innovation Requires Subject Area Expertise by John Adsit
The Bright New Face of Educational Leadership – Eric Sheninger by Jim Shimabukuro
USDA Broadband Funds for Rural America – Implications? by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
IADIS 2010 – The Gateway to the Black Forest Becomes a Window to E-Learning by Stefanie Panke
‘Has the Internet obsoleted formal schools?’ by Jim Shimabukuro
Sound Bites Aren’t the Answer for Reform by Franklin Schargel
Real Change with 21st Century Learning Communities by Robert Plants
An Educational Reform Story: The Power of Expectations by John Adsit
Acquisition or Participation – The Pedagogical Divide by Tom Preskett
Education Reform – Fighting the Conspiracy for Mediocrity by John Adsit
What Should Pres. Obama Do About Educational Reform?by Bonnie Bracey Sutton

JULY 2010

Thinking Inside the Box by Steve Eskow
‘Computer Science’ Contains Little or No Science by Harry Keller
Ning’s Self-Contradictions by Claude Almansi
Computer Science – A Field of Dreams by Robert Plants
For Educational Change — Teachers Are the Key by Jim Shimabukuro
Leaders Must Be Visionary Risk-takers to Change Our Schools by Harry Keller
What Is Needed for Educational Change by John Adsit
‘Emerging Technologies in Distance Education’ ed. by George Veletsianos by Claude Almansi
Faculty and Students Need Training to Succeed in Online Classes by John Adsit
HOT@ Emerging Tech San Jose – July 20-23 by Jessica Knott
We Need an Eco-Smart Model for Online Learning by Jim Shimabukuro
Recreating an Online Class for Greater Student Participation and Retention by Judith McDaniel
JRTE Spring 2010 Issue – A Sacrilegious Review by Jim Shimabukuro
HOT@ ETAI – Day 2: English Teachers Association of Israel by Lynn Zimmerman
A Response to Marc Prensky’s ‘Simple Changes’ by Harry Keller
Italy: Teachers’ Manifesto by Claude Almansi
HOT@ ETAI – English Teachers Association of Israel by Lynn Zimmerman
Simple Changes in Current Practices May Save Our Schools by Marc Prensky
Computers in Low-income Households = Little or No Educational Benefit?
Computational Thinking – What Is It? by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
‘Solar Impulse’ – Could Very Well Be Educational by John Sener
Flight of the ‘Solar Impulse’ – Educationally Relevant? by Harry Keller and John Adsit
Levels of Learning: The Creative Process by Tom Preskett
Accessibility4All: e-Book Readers: Attempting to Bugger the Blind is Bad for Business by Claude Almansi

JUNE 2010

Was Rischard’s ISTE 2010 Keynote Really That Bad? by Jim Shimabukuro
Totally Online: Live Lecture Better Than Video Lecture? by Jim Shimabukuro
Oregon and Online Learning: Governor’s Reset Cabinet Final Report
The Latest Whiz-Bang Gadgets vs. Real Change by Harry Keller
The Limits of Educational Technocracy: Change As No More of the Same by Jim Shimabukuro
Totally Online: Gov. Tim Pawlenty: iColleges Are the Wave of the Future by Jim Shimabukuro
Meeting the Needs: A Prayer for Jennifer by John Adsit
Accessibility4All: Easy Captioning for UNESCO’s World Heritage Videos on YouTube by Claude Almansi
A Quick Review of JOLT’s June 2010 Issue by Jim Shimabukuro
Bill Gates on Online Learning in 2010 by Jim Shimabukuro
A Peek at ‘Technology and Pedagogy Expectations for an In-Person Course’ by Jim Shimabukuro
Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Universities?
Universities Vanishing? by Harry Keller
View from an Online Classroom by Judith McDaniel
Chill Out at a Tailgating Party by John Sener
The Internet Helps Us to Be Smarter – A Reply to Nicholas Carr by Jim Shimabukuro
Totally Online: Texas A&M Decentralizing Office of Distance Ed by Jim Shimabukuro
Accessibility4All: UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Copyright Committee – 14th Session by Claude Almansi
Retort: Opportunities to Learn from Oil Spills by Harry Keller
Accessibility4All: Facebook Is Unfit for Educational Use by Claude Almansi

MAY 2010

Meeting the Needs: Hybrid Learning Faces Unthinking Opposition by John Adsit
Totally Online: Is Writing Best Taught F2F? by Jim Shimabukuro
Tipping Points for Change: Are We There Yet? by Jim Shimabukuro
Making Sense of e-Learning Strategy by Tom Preskett
ETC, Twitter and Me: Robert Morris University’s Twitter Communication Project by Jessica Knott
Online Self-Publishing: Wave of the Future? by Lynn Zimmerman
Making Sense of Social Networks: An Interview with Zizi Papacharissi by Stefanie Panke

APRIL 2010

Accessibility4All: UNESCO, World Anti-Piracy Observatory and YouTube by Claude Almansi
End of Free Ning Networks: Live Online Discussion: Apr. 20th by Claude Almansi
Ebook Readers vs. Ipad for Education? by Tom Preskett
Social Media Doesn’t Threaten Literacy! by Tom Preskett
Accessibility4All: Ancient Books, Public Domain and Moral Barriers by Claude Almansi
Retort: The Challenge for Our Schools: Thomas Friedman and Education by Harry Keller
Retort: Thomas H. Huxley on Teaching Science by Harry Keller
Totally Online: iPad – Breakthrough or Misstep? by Jim Shimabukuro
Meeting the Needs: Social Networking and the Secondary Student by John Adsit
Headphones, Computers, and the Web by Jim Shimabukuro

MARCH 2010

ETC, Twitter and Me: What’s the Buzz? Buzz by Jessica Knott
Meeting the Needs: Threat of Lawsuits on Social Networking Sites by John Adsit
Thoughts on ‘Innovating the 21st-Century University: It’s Time!’ by Tom Preskett
Accessibility4All: YouTube, Geoblocks and Proxies by Claude Almansi
Meeting the Needs: Tech Support – Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter by John Adsit


The Great Technology Controversy Follows Me into the Caves by John Adsit
Sloan-C Survey 2009 – 25% of College Students Are Taking Online Classes by Jim Shimabukuro
Do You Speak Livemocha? An Interview with Clint Schmidt by Stefanie Panke
Meeting the Needs: Successful Learning: A Matter of Both ‘What’ and ‘When’ by John Adsit
ETC, Twitter and Me: Textbook Tweets – Integrating Twitter into a Telecommunications Design Class by Jessica Knott
Encounter: ‘Digital_Nation’ – Two Reviews (featuring Digital Nation – Geeks May Be Normal, but Are They Listening? by Jessica Knott and ‘Digital_Nation’ – A Digital_Dud by Jim Shimabukuro)
Social Networking for Academics: An Interview with Ijad Madisch, CEO of ResearchGATE by Stefanie Panke
Learning Styles and the Online Student: Moving Beyond Reading by Lynn Zimmerman
Social Networking: Weaving the Web of Informal Ties by Stefanie Panke
Accessibility4All: Online Multimedia: Italian Imperialism by Claude Almansi


Totally Online: Reading Ability As a ‘New’ Challenge for Online Students by Jim Shimabukuro
Retort: Berkeley High School May Eliminate Science Labs by Harry Keller
Totally Online: Immediacy and Presence in Online Learning by Jim Shimabukuro
Retort: Deconstructing STEM by Harry Keller
Picture the Story: E-Comics as Teaching Tool by Stefanie Panke
Meeting the Needs: A Technological Solution to Prerequisite Skills by John Adsit
ETC, Twitter and Me: Live by Example by Jessica Knott
Value Learning Design, Not E-learning Design by Tom Preskett
Retort: The Best of Education, the Worst of Education by Harry Keller
Meeting the Needs: Solving the Problem of Learning Styles by John Adsit


Accessibility4All: Accessibility and Literacy: Two Sides of the Same Coin by Claude Almansi
ETC, Twitter and Me: Twit-torial by Jessica Knott
Hybrid Education: Sharing the Teaching by Judith McDaniel
ITForum Discussion on Accessibility by Claude Almansi
The Holocaust and Technology by Lynn Zimmerman
Totally Online: College Prepared to Go Online When Disaster Strikes by Jim Shimabukuro
Meeting the Needs: If Education Is to Succeed . . . by John Adsit
Hybrid Education: The Interactive Class of Today and Tomorrow by Judith McDaniel
ETC, Twitter and Me: A Quick Hello by Jessica Knott
Interactive Whiteboards – Fix or Fad? by Harry Keller


OT Phishing Scam via Twitter by Claude Almansi
i3 Funding Process Unfair to Small Businesses by Harry Keller
The Education Budget Crisis: Is Technology the Answer?
The Education Budget Crisis: Is It Necessary? by Jim Shimabukuro
Job Security Is a Powerful Argument Against Change by John Adsit
Tough Decisions for Extraordinary Times by Harry Keller
15th Annual Sloan-C Conference – A Review by John Sener


Effective Leaders Challenge Teachers to Continually Grow by Harry Keller
Teaching with Technology: Passion, Scholarship, and a Leap of Faith by Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Collaborative Leadership Is Essential for Change by John Adsit
Teacher Skills Critical for Success in Online Classes by John Adsit
Assuming That Teachers Aren’t the Primary Obstacle to Change . . .
Patterns in the Design of Ed Media: An Interview with Christian Kohls by Stefanie Panke
Sloan-C’s Virtual Attendance Option: Real or an Afterthought?
Blackboard Reinforces the Status Quo by Tom Preskett
Investing in Innovation Fund: Criteria May Be a Barrier to Some Innovators by Harry Keller
Encounter: Sidewiki – Handy Tool or Destructive Weapon? by Harry Keller
Prix Möbius Suisse Rewards Inaccessible Flash Site by Claude Almansi
Twitter Could Drive You Cuckoo – If You’re Not Prepared by Claude Almansi
Twitter Bad for the Brain? – Balderdash, Poppycock, Twaddle by John Sener
Twitter Could Drive You Cuckoo by Lynn Zimmerman
Science Labs and Accessibility by Harry Keller


Review of Traxler’s ‘Students and Mobile Devices’ by Tom Preskett
Lecture Your Way to Stardom! by Tom Preskett
‘Please Prepare for Cross Check’: A Review of ‘Digital Habitats: Stewarding Technology for Communities’ by Stefanie Panke
Interview: Steve Cooper of TechUofA by Jim Shimabukuro
Is a Virtual Revolution Brewing in Colleges? by John Sener
‘Jam on the American Graduation Initiative’ on Sep. 16 by Jim Shimabukuro
‘College for $99 a Month’ – Persons Are Important, Presence Is Not? by Lynn Zimmerman
Is ‘$99 a Month for College’ Really a Cute Little Kitten? by John Sener
‘College for $99 a Month’ – A Step in the Right Direction by John Adsit
Encounters: ‘College for $99 a Month’ by Steve Eskow


Are Full Teaching Loads the Answer to the Recession? by Jim Shimabukuro
Encounters: USDE 2009 Report on Effectiveness of Online Learning by Judith McDaniel

JULY 2009

Encounters: Blended Learning Is Largely an Illusion by Steve Eskow
Computers in the Classroom Can Be Boring by Lynn Zimmerman
Two Steps Forward . . . Several Back by Judith Sotir
Science Labs Don’t Have to Cost an Arm and a Leg by Harry Keller
Green Computing – Clippings from the Web by John Thompson
What Students Want and How to Design for It: A Reflection on Online Teaching by Judith McDaniel
Google Book Search Settlement Unfair to Non-US Authors by Claude Almansi
‘At-Risk’ – Concerns About Its Effectiveness by Judith McDaniel
Meet the Endless Summer – A Review of ED-MEDIA 2009 by Stefanie Panke
Review of ‘At-Risk’: A Simulation Training Program for College Staff by Carrie Heeter

JUNE 2009

A Review of ‘The Opportunity Equation’ by Harry Keller
Web 2.0 – Challenging Didactic Teaching by Tom Preskett
Computers – The End of an Era by Bert Kimura
‘The College of 2020: Students’ – A Chronicle Report by Jim Shimabukuro
Accessibility and Common Sense by Claude Almansi
The New Social Networking Frontier by Judith Sotir
Bend It Like a Lab Instructor by Judith Sotir
Blogs for Education, Blogs for Yourself by Tom Preskett
ESL/EFL Teachers and How They Use Technology by Lynn Zimmerman
Can Virtual Labs Replace Hands-On? by Harry Keller
Are Online Programs Growing or Dying? by Jim Shimabukuro

MAY 2009

The Recession Is Affecting Online Higher Education – Duh… by John Sener
Creating the Need to Know by Judith McDaniel
Is There a Place for CAI in the 21st Century? by Steve Eskow

APRIL 2009

How to Turn Your Online Program into a Net Revenue Generator by John Sener
India Steps Forward in Science Education
by Harry Keller
Science Education Retrospective
by Harry Keller
Interview with Bert Kimura: TCC 2009 April 14-16
by Jim Shimabukuro
Collaborative Text Translation with DotSUB
by Claude Almansi
A Digital Educator in Poland
by Lynn Zimmerman
All Learning Is Hybrid Learning: The Idea of ‘The Organizing Technology’
by Steve Eskow
Three Online Libraries: Hawai`i, Taiwan, China
by Vincent K. Pollard
The President’s Town Hall Meeting Could Have Been Entitled ‘No Teacher Left Behind’
by Bonnie Bracey Sutton

[Note: On April 1, 2009, Innovate-Blog (I-Blog) became independent of Innovate Journal and changed its name to Educational Technology & Change Journal (ETCJ). I-Blog ran from November 3, 2008, to March 31, 2009.]

MARCH 2009

Don’t Boycott Amazon’s Over-$9.99 Kindle E-Books! by Claude Almansi
How Is the Recession Affecting Online Higher Education? by John Sener
Tech Tools Are Just Tools by Claude Almansi


Why Is Transformational Leadership So Elusive? by John Adsit
Rare Ancient Manuscripts Online at E-codices by Claude Almansi
The $10 Indian Laptop: Implications? by David G. Lebow, Dale W. Lick, Claude Almansi, Jim Shimabukuro, Harry Keller, and Judith McDaniel
Ten Dollar Computers and the Future of Learning in the Web Era by David G. Lebow
Effective Learning Requires More than Cheap Technology by Dale W. Lick
Sakshat Is a Learning Program – Not a Laptop by Claude Almansi
End of the Computer Era by Jim Shimabukuro
Hybrid vs. Completely Online by Steve Eskow, Lynn Zimmerman, and Carrie Heeter
It Depends ­– On the Economics of Education by Steve Eskow
Hybrid, Online, or F2F – It Depends by Lynn Zimmerman
India: $10 Notebooks for Students by Jim Shimabukuro


Online Hybrid as Asynchronous, Co-present, and Remote by Carrie Heeter
ICT for Development and Education: Exit LIFI by Claude Almansi
Steve Eskow: An Open E-Universityby Steve Eskow
The Campus: The Old Imperialism? by Steve Eskow
Unhide That Hidden Text, Pleaseby Claude Almansi
Adventures in Hybrid Teaching: The First Day Is the Hardest by Carrie Heeter
A Model for Integrating New Technology into Teaching by Anita Pincas
Poetic Faith—the Magic of Belief by John Adsit
If We Don’t, Someone Else Will by Harry Keller
Michelle Rhee Has a Broom: Should She Use It to Sweep Out Experienced Teachers? by Bonnie Bracey Sutton


Access: The New Imperialism? by Lynn Zimmerman
Thoughts on the Green Computing Summitby John Thompson
Worth Reading: “Myths Left Behind” by James L. Morrison
Live Radio Captioning for the Deaf by Claude Almansi
Innovation in Education: What? How? by Harry Keller
Needed – A Professional Approach to Teaching by John Adsit
POLL: Grade Michelle Rhee’s Approach
Two Ambivalent Views of Michelle Rhee’s Efforts by James L. Morrison and MaryAnne Gobble
Ineffective Use of Computers in Schools by Harry Keller
Defining One’s Diversity Philosophy: A Crucial Skill in a Changing World by Randall E. Osborne
An Interview with Terry Anderson: Open Education Resources – Part I and II by Judith V. Boettcher
Three Video Captioning Tools by Claude Almansi
Michelle Rhee – What’s Really at Stake? by Jim Shimabukuro


Green Computing: How to Reduce Our Personal Carbon Footprints by John Thompson
Quality in Distance Education: Stakeholders’ Perspectives – Part I by Gary Greenberg
Resistance to Technology: Conscious or Unconscious? by Lynn Zimmerman
Making a Case for Online Science Labs by Harry Keller
POLL: Rate the Quality of Online Courses
Making Web Multimedia Accessible Needn’t Be Boring by Claude Almansi
Old School Thinking Blocks Quality Online Science Classes by John Adsit
Simulated Labs Are Anathema to Most Scientists by Harry Keller
The 375-Billion Dollar Question. And the New Agora by Steve Eskow
What Is the 21st Century Model for Education? by Jim Shimabukuro
Technology Must Be Based on Quality Instructional Practice by John Adsit

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