Free Higher Ed, 21st Century Learning, ELLs, Standardized Tests


Online Universities 2.0: Taking Education to the Next Level — Worldwide by Dominik Knoll in Huff Post Impact 3/12/14
The author expresses his opinion that free and accessible university education is just around the corner for anyone who wants it via the Internet. A commenter to the article says that most MOOCs are merely replicating the face-to-face classroom and not using the technology to its fullest extent.

Five Ways that 21st and 20th Century Learning Will Differ by Steven Mintz from Inside Higher Ed 3/5/14
Mintz proposes 5 ways that education is changing. He suggests it will move more toward 100% proficiency and mastery of skills and competencies; based in the science of learning; be data-driven; be personalized; and take advantage of technology in ways that truly enhance the learning experience.

Will classroom technology help English Language Learners? From Reflejos 3/16/14
With advent of Common Core and computer-based testing, schools are increasing online connectivity. Pilar Carmina Gonzalez, a researcher for the Education Development Center, a leading expert on children and technology and a former ESL teacher, says technology will open new avenues of learning for English language Learners (ELL students).

11 key questions on standardized testing for Congress to answer by Valerie Strauss from The Washington Post 3/9/14
The Network for Public Education, which includes among its member education historian Diane Ravitch, has asked congress to look into the what they see as the overuse of standardized tests.

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