Training the Hybrid Educator Nov 2 – Online Chat

From: Education Week
Title: Training the Hybrid Educator
Date: Wednesday November 2, 2011
Time: 2:00PM EDT
Note: No special equipment other than Internet access is needed to participate in any of our text-based chats.

Hybrid learning, which blends face-to-face teaching techniques with online instructional aspects, is a rapidly growing sector of K-12 education. Although each hybrid, or blended, program varies on the spectrum of face-to-face vs. online elements, it is always important to properly train hybrid educators to meet student needs effectively. This chat will address what kinds of professional development are available to hybrid educators, as well as the key factors they need to know to be successful in the classroom. Our guests will share their experiences as hybrid and virtual instructors and talk about the role that hybrid education is playing in K-12 today.
Erik Toman, middle school teacher, Chicago Virtual Charter School
Tracy Sheehan, manager of instructional development, Virtual High School Global Consortium
Katie Ash, staff writer, Education Week and Education Week Digital Directions, will moderate this chat.

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