Resources for Moving to Online Teaching: A COVID-19 Response

By Ilene Frank

[Note: In response to a request from Bert Kimura (3/14/20) for sites that are “curating resources for teaching online (for emergency and on short notice)” for the TCC 2020 website, Ilene responded (3/15/20): “Bert, here’s some! [See list below.] I know there’s better stuff. But here’s some things I’ve seen on discussion lists, Twitter, etc. very recently (but where the heck was that really funny thread I saw from an instructor trying to video conference with her students getting interruptions from her husband and cats — and basically telling other instructors to embrace the goof-ups. She gave extra credit to students who could name all of her cats at the end of an online session or two.” -Editor]

A community getting together to discuss tackling the move to online teaching

Keep Teaching; Resources for Higher Ed

From Steve Covello – a suggestion to start your thinking about moving your course online here: The Ed Techie: Martin Weller’s blog on open education, digital scholarship, and over-stretched metaphors – “The COVID-19 online pivot

Quirk, James. Online learning: Some notes for going online midsemester. EduCAUSE Review.

[For students] University of Michigan. Adjusting your study habits during COVID.

Some thoughts about moving courses online:

Pivoting to online teaching: Research and practitioner perspectives. EdX. (Also available completely open at

General information: Bryan Alexander: Coronavirus and higher education resources

Inside HigherEd.  Prepare to move online

Ordway, Holly. For all the college profs suddenly faced with teaching online with approximately zero prep, a thread…

Perriam, Jess.  [A few tips I learned from recently putting together online materials…]

Emily Oakes on the  INSTTECH discussion list:
…our IT support folks have used this resource with faculty, and I think it applies here: (“A Canvas Semester Checklist”). This is a stellar resource created by a staff member at one of our teaching centers.

We have a few others that could help IT support groups in conversations with faculty:

Written for Stanford, but may be helpful to others:
Cohen, Jenae and Beth Seltzer. Stanford.  Teaching effectively during times of disruption for SIS and PWR.

Some vendors are trying to help at a time when most library budgets have been expended. Check with your librarian to see if it’s possible to add some streaming videoVideoLib’s Cheat Sheet on Special Streaming Offers During Covid19

Resources for teaching science online:

Copyright! What can you use in your online courses?

Public Statement from Library Copyright Specialists. Fair Use & Emergency Remote Teaching & Research

What about open education resources?

From Amy Hofer on the LibOER discussion list Getting started with OER (No time like the present!)
Below are some places to start finding free and open resources. Or just contact me (Amy Hofer)  with your topic or learning objectives, and I will look for you!

Open Oregon Educational Resources. Search for free resources being used by college and university instructors across the state.

Open Textbook Library. Read peer reviews and access open textbooks being used across the world.

Openstax. High-quality, peer-reviewed, open textbooks on introductory topics. Students can buy print copies. See their blog post on Teaching online with OpenStax to support emerging social distancing requirements. OpenStax has quiz banks, slides, and other ancillaries freely available for instructors who sign up with them. OpenStax Allies offer competitively-priced homework platforms that work with OpenStax books, and many of them are waiving costs right now.

Lumen Learning. Offers a wide array of open content that you can access for free. Their Waymaker and OHM modules are low-cost homework platforms that can be integrated with Moodle. If you’re looking for more open resources, check out the Find section of LBCC’s OER Guide, available at New to OER? Here’s a video from Open Oregon to get you started.

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