A Network for Under-served Populations

By Bonnie Bracey Sutton
Associate Editor

The article below is from a dear friend, Joyce Malyn-Smith. Please send her names and interests. We are trying to get funding for programs and grants for more minorities.

A Network for Under-served Populations

By J. Malyn-Smith

Joyce Malyn-Smith

Joyce Malyn-Smith

I want to expand my own professional network in order to share information and opportunities I come across in my work to build the next generation of technology enabled citizens and workers. As someone who has spent many years working with under-served populations I am particularly concerned that persons of color, Hispanics and Native Americans may not be aware of many of these opportunities, or may learn of them too late to participate. For example, I am working with NSF’s Cyberlearning and ITEST resource centers, both hosting workshops in June aimed at helping people, who have not received Cyberlearning or ITEST funding, to develop strong NSF proposals.

The first goal for the expansion of my own professional network is to do what I can to ensure that these workshops are accessible to persons of color, Hispanics and Native Americans. To that end, I am asking you to help me expand my network so that I can forward relevant information, answer questions they might have about the events, and make sure a diverse group of potential participants are aware of when applications open so that these types of events are more accessible to them. 

Because the application dates for the Cyberlearning and ITEST workshops will be coming up soon, I am particularly interested in identifying persons of color, Hispanics, and Native Americans who are:

  1. Learning scientists interested in submitting to the Cyberlearning program
  2. Technology entrepreneurs who are developing tools/resources to help people learn
  3. Individuals interested in submitting to the ITEST program

Can you recommend individuals to add to my network? Or perhaps, send a notice throughout your network? For the two workshops above, I would need their contact info and which categories (1-3 above) represent their interests.

Thanks – You can forward their info to me or ask them to email me at: Jmalynsmith@gmail.com

J. Malyn-Smith
Pathways to College and Careers
Managing Project Director
Tel: 617-618-2386

Mailing Address:
43 Foundry Avenue
Waltham, Massachusetts 02453-8313

Bio: Joyce Malyn-Smith is a national expert on STEM career and workforce development with a deep knowledge of how learners develop skills in formal and informal settings to prepare for productive and rewarding work life. She has a special interest in the innovation economy and how technology and informal learning can spark creativity and cultivate and sustain interest in STEM careers.

Malyn-Smith is Principal Investigator of Massachusetts Exploring Computer Science Partnership. Part of the EDC-led MassCAN initiative, this project is bringing the Exploring Computer Science course to all Massachusetts high schools and providing professional development. As a Senior Research Scientist for the Center for Innovative Research in Cyberlearning (CIRCL), she is collaborating with EDC colleagues and SRI to co-lead community building, technical assistance, and dissemination activities to advance CIRCL’s mission to support, synergize, and amplify the efforts of NSF-funded Cyberlearning Program.

For 10 years, Malyn-Smith served as Principal Investigator for the National Science Foundation (NSF)–funded Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST) Learning Resource Center, where she led a team in providing technical assistance and support to more than 170 NSF-funded projects and programs around the country. She was the Principal Investigator for the NSF-CISE–funded Computational Thinking (CT) in America’s Workplaces project, which developed and validated core skill sets used by scientists, technicians, engineers, and mathematicians in STEM workplaces. And, she served as Principal Investigator for the NSF-ATE–funded New Media Enabled Technician project, in which she developed problem-based learning materials to help community college faculty integrate new media skills into technician education programs.

Malyn-Smith is coauthor of “Preparing Tomorrow’s STEM Workforce Through Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers” and “Computational Thinking for Youth in Practice.” (Read a blog post by Malyn-Smith about STEM workforce development and preparation.)

Previously, she served as a member of the Massachusetts STEM Operations Board, the Advisory Board for LearningTimes, and the Educational Testing Services’ (ETS) Blue Ribbon Panel on Digital Literacy.

Malyn-Smith began her career as a classroom teacher and central office administrator for Boston Public Schools—positions she held for over 20 years.

She received a BS from Universidad Interamericana in Puerto Rico, an MEd from Boston State Teacher’s College, and an EdD in Bilingual Education Leadership and Career Education from Boston University, where she was a U.S. Department of Education Fellow.

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