Help Sandy Victims – Emergency Education Directory

Nov. 19, 2012
Hi Jim,

As the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area continues to struggle in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, it’s important to remember the far-reaching implications of putting life on hold in the middle of November. In New York City alone, over 75,000 students missed school last week, as 48 schools were left devastated by the storm and dozens were left without heat or power. Although not as urgent as providing housing, food, or fuel, those students’ educations must also be restored.

Photo from Huff Post 11.1.12

That’s why Noodle Education Inc., a New York-based education search provider, is setting up the Emergency Education Directory. Noodle will help connect students in the affected areas with volunteer educators willing to donate their time to teaching, tutoring, and guidance, as well as facilities with heat, power and resources to house displaced students and teachers for these sessions.

Supporting Noodle Education is the Education Industry Association (EIA), which represents and will help recruit more K-12 education companies to be listed on the Emergency Education Directory.

Already, Sandy has caused an estimated $50 billion in damages in the Northeast. A concerted effort by education providers will aid the recovery effort by helping students in the region stay on track with their schooling.

The more educators and students made aware of the Emergency Education Directory, the more effective the program will be. We think this issue would be of great interest to your readers and hope you will aid us in getting the word out.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if I can connect you with Richard Katzman (, Noodle’s point of contact on this matter. [Nov. 14 press release.]

Sylvie I. Calman
Account Executive
The Cutler Group

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