Teaching with Technology; Preventing Online Grooming

Teaching with Technology in 2018 by David Nagel in THE Journal
Nagel reports on the results of a survey conducted by THE Journal. It shows that teachers, by and large, have a positive attitude toward the use of technology in education.

The Importance of Teaching Technology to Teachers by Katt Blackwell in Teaching Community (a Monster community)
Blackwell focuses on the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) six points related to literacy and technology. These include not only the technology skills needed in the 21st century, but the critical literacy skills that today’s learners need.

How Teachers, Parents and Carers Can Spot and Prevent Online Grooming and Radicalisation by David Wright in Voices Magazine (British Council)
Voices Magazine is part of the British Council’s website. It focuses on issues related to “education and culture from around the world.” In this article, Wright talks about Internet safety specifically focusing on how educators and others can identify and prevent radicalization, especially of young people.

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