17th TCC Worldwide Online Conference April 17-19, 2012

The theme for the 2012 conference is “Emerging Technologies in Education: Trends & Issues.”

Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, have facilitated communication, sharing, collaboration and creativity among students and faculty.

Students and faculty have converged on the Internet to share their views and utilize Web 2.0 tools for teaching and learning. However, many issues and concerns have yet to be answered fully: How do faculty, staff, students and communities produce positive learning outcomes? Can students learn through virtual worlds, educational games, augmented realities, or the use of mobile devices? What technologies continue to reshape e-learning? How do we support our colleagues?

Conference dates: April 17-19, 2012
Pre-conference: April 5, 2012

Links: conference homepage; call for proposals.

UPDATE 1.12.12

TCC 2012, April 17-19: Call for Papers & Presentations, Extended Deadline

Best wishes for a prosperous 2012!

The deadline for submitting proposals for TCC 2012, held online from April 17-19, has been extended until January 24, 2012.

To submit a proposal for a general session or a paper:

Info about preparing proposals:


Fees for presentations by graduate students will be waived.

TCCHawaii.org produces this event with LearningTimes and assistance from volunteer faculty worldwide.

– Bert Kimura for the TCC 2012 Conference Team

UPDATE 4.4.12


The 17th Annual TCC 2012 Worldwide Online Conference is open for registration. Join us for 100 live presentations over three days about emerging technologies, collaboration, online learning, and social media for teaching and learning.

Register by April 10 for $99. A special fee is available for students at $19.

Contact Sharon Fowler <fowlers@hawaii.edu> for group registration (unlimited participation).

Click here to access the secure online registration forms directly.

We look forward to your support and participation in TCC 2012.


– Bert Kimura for the TCC 2012 Conference Team

17th Annual
April 17-19, 2012


Registration entitles participants to:

  • Access to the official conference web site and community, 24×7.
  • Real-time, online participation in keynotes, features, papers, and discussions.
  • Access the conference papers and proceedings.
  • Recordings of all live sessions.
  • Opportunities for meeting and interacting with presenters & colleagues.
  • Sharing background and professional contact information with colleagues.
  • Participation in on-demand discussions and other networking activities.
  • Discounted opportunities for other TCC sponsored faculty development events.

REGISTER NOW at http://www.tcconlineconference.org/register
$99 USD; $129 USD after April 10
Groups of 10 or more individuals save 10%
Special student rate: $19 USD per person (students pursuing a degree from an accredited school, college or university)
University of Hawaii faculty & staff special rate:
Send email to Sharon Fowler <fowlers@hawaii.edu> from your @hawaii.edu email address requesting registration information.
SITE LICENSES. A group registration fee is available for an unlimited number of participants from a single campus or system. Contact Sharon Fowler to register your group. <fowlers@hawaii.edu>.
Large Campuses, >20,000 enrollment, $1500
Media Campuses, <20,000, $1,000
Small Campuses, <10,000, $750
Discounted fees apply for NMC, WCET & League for Innovation Members and Affiliates

VENUE. This conference is held entirely online using a web browser for access to content and technology services. A computer system with headphones and microphone as well as broadband Internet access is highly recommended.

THEME. TCC offers refereed papers and general presentations on emerging technologies and current practices, distance learning, online communities and collaboration, social networking, and best choices of adapting instructional technology in teaching and learning.

Dr. Paul Kim, Stanford University, USA
Mr. Mark Hines, Mid-Pacific Institute, USA

Dr. Eva Dobozy, Curtin University, Western Australia
Dr. Marina McIsaac, Arizona State University, USA
Mr. Simon Walker, University of Greenwich, London, UK
Regional speakers will be scheduled at 1400 local time in their respective regions.

Click here for tentative schedule of sessions and descriptions.

ADDITIONAL INFO: See the conference site or contact Bert Kimura <bert@hawaii.edu> or Curtis Ho <curtis@hawaii.edu>

This event is produced in partnership between TCCHawaii.org, the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Educational Technology Department, College of Education, and LearningTimes.org.

UPDATE 4.8.12


Badge-Based Learning and 21st Century Skills

Jonathan Finkelstein, President and Founder of LearningTimes
April 10, 2012
4:00pm – 5:00pm EDT
For other timezones:

This event is free and does not require registration for TCC 2012. Feel free to invite your friends and colleagues.

Fifteen (15) minutes prior to the event, go to:

For more information:

– Bert Kimura for the TCC 2012 Conference Team

One Response

  1. Thank you for the listing. We hope to present another interesting and exciting three day event.

    For anyone interested, free viewing of the 2011 conference archive is available through our partners at LearningTimes:


    Keynote sessions by Craig Kapp (April 12) on “Augmented Reality,” Gary Lopez (April 13) on “Open Educational Resources” and Curtis Bonk (April 14) on “From Tinkering to Extreme Learning” were presented at 1400 HST each day.

    Additionally, peer-reviewed papers since 2006 are available at our proceedings website.


    Keep up your good work at ETC-J.

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