Motivation in Online Learning, Online Pronunciation Resources, Mobile Technology


21 Online Pronunciation Resources for Teaching and Learning by Lynn Henrichsen. TESOL Connections.
Henrichsen suggests that while there are a wide range of computer-assisted pronunciation teaching (CAPT) websites and apps for the English teacher and learner, not all are created equal. He offers some suggests for assessing the usefulness of websites and gives reviews of 10 sites with his recommendations.

Motivation & Language Learning in Online Contexts by L.W. Zimmerman. OLLReN.
This research review looks at learner motivation in online language learning contexts. The author found that two significant factors are online learning readiness and promoting interaction, factors that would come into play for any learning context, not just language learning.

5 Effective Uses of Mobile Technology in the Classroom by Daniel Adeboye. eLearning Industry.
In the introduction to the article, Adeboye says, “Research has shown that though mobile technology is a great tool in our teaching and learning experience, many who use it only use it to increase efficiency and not necessarily effectiveness. This article provides 5 suggestions of how to effectively use mobile technology in the classroom.”

How mobile technology can benefit learning by Elliot Gowans. ET.
Gowans contends that the familiarity of mobile devices as entertainment devices makes them a natural way to “motivate today’s digital natives through new and innovative ways of learning.”

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  1. Lynn, your “Motivation & Language Learning in Online Contexts” is an excellent review of some of the latest research in online learning. I especially like your emphasis on the importance of student self-regulation and self-selection into online courses. Students who expect to be regulated or led by a teacher are lost in online classes. I think your point on self-selection is critical. Students (and faculty, too) who are forced into online courses aren’t going to fare well. Their preference is clearly for F2F learning environments, and they’ll feel out of their element. -Jim

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