Thoughts on Memorial Day

[Note: This article is from a private email sent by Bonnie on May 28. -Editor]

I am going to play this weekend. Rolling Thunder means that we have an invasion of motorcycles and terrible traffic.

I have opened a Diigo account, Ray [Rose] sent me a thing for some other account, and I have the game piece to work on.

I spent a Memorial Day in Hawaii. My mother wanted to see Pearl Harbor. She cried, along with some older servicemen, almost the whole time, holding my hand as if she were the little girl and I, the mother. I never knew it, but during WWII, her job was to send the missing in action and death certificates from the Naval Annex.

Memorial Day was started by Confederate Army relatives in the area of Petersburg. Recently I went to the Confederate Army Cemetery. My friend, Mano, from India, took me there. It was an interesting trip. It is the cemetery on a hill overlooking Richmond, Virginia.

Some people were startled to see a group of “colored” people touring the cemetery. It was like slipping into a time warp.

Also I had never seen Monument Row. Things have changed for the better I think.

President Lincoln at Gettysburg, 1863.

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