Raymond Rose

[Published 1 Apr. 2011]
Rose & Smith Associates, Inc.

I’ve been involved in online education since the mid ’90s when I first began defining and building a method of creating online learning communities online. I helped envision, create, and administer the first virtual high school in the country. I had been a pioneer in the use of computers in education and raised concerns about equity in technology use early in the education technology movement. I work with college and university programs, policy-makers, and leaders in online learning from non-profit organizations and institutions. I have helped shape the nature of e-learning efforts in the country. I support the radical transformation of US education.

ETC Publications

Computational Thinking, Computational Science and High Performance Computing in K-12 Education: White Paper on 21st Century Education with Henry Neeman, Bonnie Bracey Sutton, and Vic Sutton

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