TCCfx 2018 (Dec 10), a Complimentary Mini-Online Conference

TCCfx 2018 is a complimentary 1-day online conference that aims to empower the educational technology community through connection, collaboration, and the generation of innovative ideas for teaching and learning. Through this conference, the UH Manoa Dept. of Learning Design and Technology (LTEC) showcases alumni, current students and faculty, and collaborations with local and global communities.

This year’s theme is “Sustaining Education Through Innovation”; addressing sustainable learning through the integration of new ideas and technology. Program sessions include:

  • International Collaboration – The Kaiyama Project:
    Dr. Wendy Kuntz, Dr. Kelli Goya, Dr. Kenichi Kubota, Dr. Mayumi Kubota, Mary Kimura
  • LTEC Alumni Panel:
    Dr. Mike Travis, Grant Chartrand, Ed Lee
  • Keynote – Innovation in K-12 Education:
    Dr. Miki Tomita, Founder of Education Incubator
  • Sustainability and Open Source:
    Dr. Paul McKimmy

Free Registration by Dec. 3: TCCfx 2018 Registration

Sessions are also recorded and will be available for review on-demand at a later date.

Kimberly Suwa
TCCfx 2018 Chair

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