‘Digital_Nation’ – Two Reviews

encounters80Introduction: This encounter was suggested by Lynn Zimmerman in an email message to Jim Shimabukuro. It is based on Rachel Dretzin and Douglas Rushkoff’s Frontline special, “Digital_Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier,” published in video format on 2 Feb. 2010. Jessica Knott and Jim have responded to the 90-minute online program with the articles below. All are invited to comment.

Digital Nation – Geeks May Be Normal, but Are They Listening? by Jessica Knott: With technology comes responsibility. Be it a conference back channel or a course lecture, expectations for use must be set and outcomes made explicit. Ample opportunity for exploration and self-reflection is crucial in any learning environment, and technology can facilitate this in ways that were impossible even 15 years ago. It is important, however, not to lose ourselves in the technical abyss. We are not educators of technology, we are educators harnessing technology. [click here to read the full article]

‘Digital_Nation’ – A Digital_Dud by Jim Shimabukuro: In the end, after 90 minutes, I had the kind of “Huh?” moment that comes after I’ve watched a video out of sequence with key scenes omitted. I must’ve missed something because that couldn’t be all there was. [click here to read the full article]

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