Sloan-C’s ‘Advanced Online Teaching Certificate’

By Jessica Knott
Associate Editor
Editor, Twitter/Facebook

For a while now, I have had the opportunity to engage with the Sloan Consortium, volunteering at conferences, serving on steering committees, and networking via social media sites with other members and attendees. I have formed valuable relationships and had the opportunity to work on some interesting collaborations. More importantly, I’ve made some really cool friends.

For those looking for learning and engagement opportunities in online learning, the Sloan Consortium has just announced an Advanced Online Teaching Certificate program aimed at helping instructors work with their current online courses and integrate new technologies and teaching practices with an eye toward increased learning effectiveness and satisfaction.

A cohort-based program, this certificate will be offered three times per year, in April, July, and October, with each cohort kicking off at a pre-conference workshop at either the International Symposium on Emerging Technologies for Online Learning in Dallas (April), the Sloan Blended Learning Conference and Workshop in Denver (July), or the Annual Sloan Consortium International Conference on Online Learning in Orlando (October). Attendees will participate in a three-week course in which they develop a course revision plan and create a peer support group followed by three synchronous distance sessions that conclude with peer reviewed final presentations.

Those interested in applying or finding more information can visit Registration is open now for the April cohort.

Also for April (9-11), take a look at the International Symposium on Emerging Technologies for Online Learning in Dallas (see above). Keynote speaker Jim Groom (@jimgroom) will be on hand discussing his work in a decade of innovative teaching, including ds106 and Reclaim Hosting, and the importance of the open environment in online teaching and learning. Other key speakers include Amy Collier (Stanford) and Jen Ross (University of Edinburgh), who will discuss the current state of online education and what it should be, and Michelle Pacansky-Brock, who will lead a discussion of how we can change students’ minds about using voice comments to increase engagement.

Throughout the conference, as well as at the conclusion, there will be an Unconference experience in which attendees can participate in free-flowing sessions, continuing discussions on themes that interest them. Early bird registration for this conference ends February 10.

What experiences surrounding online learning have you found particularly useful? Learning is everywhere, yet we often focus to a large extent on workshops and conferences. What has really worked for you?

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for covering this new opportunity. When I received an email from Sloan-C recently mentioning the Advanced Certificate it caught my attention, but now I’m taking a closer look.

    Late last year I completed a “How to Teach Online” course offered by an institution where I already teach. It was highly encouraged for all of us, and I was skeptical at first, but it was a valuable experience. There’s always learning to be done when you connect with new people – at conferences, via social media, in workshops, and likely through certificate programs. Now to find the time and resources …

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