How to Share AAPPL Material with Your Students

By Satoru Shinagawa

I introduced ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language) AAPPL as an asynchronous oral online testing tool a few days ago. (See “Free Asynchronous Oral Testing Service from ACTFL: A COVID-19 Response,” ETCJ, 3/22/20.)

Some people asked me to make a tutorial video of how to share AAPPL material they made with their students.

Click image to watch the video.

This is the video I made. The video length is about 3:40.

Basically, this is the procedure:

1) Students make their own accounts (free) with AAPPL.
2) Instructors send a class code to students.
3) Students log in to AAPLE and use the class code to access the shared material.

One Response

  1. Satoru, mahalo for sharing your expertise with colleagues in the University of Hawaii System as well as on other campuses throughout the US and the world. The amount and quality of information you’re sharing is a reflection of your 20+ years of online teaching. I know you’re exhausted with your full load of classes as well as efforts this past week to provide your colleagues with videos and instructions on how to transition from F2F to online instruction. We’re grateful for your efforts and will continue to look forward to more tips from you. Have a relaxing and safe weekend. -Jimmy

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