Virtual Museums and Faculty Facebook Group: COVID-19 Responses

By Bonnie Bracey Sutton

In these times with schools being closed, teachers and students can go online and access so many resources. Museums and virtual learning experiences have always been my anchor. No school has all of the resources and experts that exist in learning places. When I was a child, I went on Sundays to see new exhibits and movies and to interact with the experts when possible.

As a teacher in a classroom, it was always my intent to involve, to explain, to engage, to involve students in learning that would help them explore other learning options that exist beyond the classroom. Sometimes, we made a classroom museum. Frank Withrow, Earthwatch, and National Geographic taught me to integrate learning places in interactive ways that include STEM subjects (always including art). With today’s crisis, i.e., teachers being forced to do online teaching, I recommend The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources, E-Learning, and Online Collections


By Judith McDaniel

I hope that you all know about the Facebook site — Teaching in the Time of Corona: Resources. It started with a handful and now has 6800+ members. I’ve posted a couple of times in response to suggestions, but it is a good place to ask a question and get immediate responses.

The University of Arizona has moved all classes online for the rest of the semester, and classes resume tomorrow, so you can imagine the scramble! I’m helping out here where I can.


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