2/28/2014: TEDxLansingEd – Education Ideas Worth Spreading

By Jessica Knott
Associate Editor
Editor, Twitter/Facebook

On Friday, February 28, from 1 PM to 5:30 PM EST, TEDxLansingED will be livestreaming not just innovative ideas in education, but innovative ideas in living. While this is a local TED event, the thoughts that will be shared are anything but.


As speaker coordinator, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to get to know our speakers this year, and they have made me think so many times throughout the planning process about what education is and what it can be. I frequently asked them questions expecting an answer, and instead ended up questioning myself. Our speakers question themselves, too, as you’ll hear in this interview with Dr. Jeff Grabill, speaking about the event and his participation.

With this event, we hope to start a conversation, and we hope that conversation extends beyond the black screen of the livestream’s end. We hope that people will look around and see that learning happens all the time — and everywhere. We want people to wonder if the things we “know” are only the things we’ve experienced. We want people to question whether what is “right” is, in fact, wrong, and vice-versa. We want people to take that trip, try that new teaching style, challenge that argument, stick with that problem, ask what’s broken, and wonder about how we come to know what we know.

If you’d like to join us, tune in on Friday. You can also follow along on Twitter by following @TEDxLansing, and by following the hash tag #TEDxLansing. If you’d like to plan your own event, I’d (jlknott@gmail.com) be happy to point you in the right direction. In the meantime, join the conversation. I leave you with a video from our event in 2012, in which Dr. Stephen Thomas discusses the power of using comics to facilitate the learning process.

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