Gaming – A Gamer’s Self-Introduction

Samuel Lee 273N 011614A-80By Samuel Lee
Student at Kapi’olani Community College
University of Hawai’i

[Note: This article was written in response to a self-introduction activity in an online Creative Nonfiction college writing class. –Editor]

There is one aspect of expressive writing that I really like the most and that would be the fact that it revolves around you, the writer. I had been attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa for a semester before I transferred to Kapiolani Community College, where I have been for a year thanks to my reconsideration of money, money, money. Although our first assignment seems to be an informal one, I decided to write it as if it were a formal paper because it just didn’t feel right to do an introduction without actually being there in person to explain my favorite pastime.

If I wanted to put a test on brownie points, I would’ve said my favorite pastime is writing. Unfortunately, although I like writing, I don’t prioritize it over my favorite pastime — gaming. Gamer culture over the years has become extremely ambiguous, and the stereotypes that revolve around it these days are extremely confused and sometimes unfocused. This is why I love gaming: it is the one thing in life that I will have the most certainty about, even if the world crumbles before me. Admittedly there are probably even times where I gave up sex for video games. That’s how much I love them.

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I play some particular genres more than others and have a strong affiliation with those communities. The first would be fighting games, which I have been a part of since Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition (1992), which was around about two years before I was even born. You might not think it’s possible, except the internet became an entity of my time. When I was around seven years old, I played my first fighting game on a King of Fighters 1994 arcade cabinet in Seoul, Korea, and was immediately hooked by the amount of skill and execution involved. I didn’t know at the time but, for my age, understanding hit boxes and frame advantages and disadvantages was not really normal, and I had a lot of kids older than me crowd around me when I played the game. Twelve years later, I became adept at most relevant fighting games and played at a semi-professional level for retro fighting games.


More recently, I’ve been hooked into a game called DOTA 2, which started off as DOTA, a modification to an already existing real-time strategy game Warcraft 3. When it first came out, it gained a large amount of popularity in a short amount of time along with another game similar to DOTA, League of Legends. LoL took the gaming world by storm, creating an all-new genre. When DOTA 2 came out, a significantly smaller number of people made the transition from LoL to DOTA 2, and I was one of them. That was about six years ago, and I had a blast with it. I had no problem falling in love with the game all over again. Many of my friends, who happen to prefer League of Legends over DOTA 2, are now questioning how much they want to be my friend anymore.


If you ever meet me in person, a good way to identify me without even knowing what I look like is someone who happens to be arguing with his friends about how much we hate each other for liking two different games of the same genre or happens to be the only person playing video games on a nice day outside in a park. Nice meeting you all, and I hope my extensive background on my obsession doesn’t scare everyone into thinking I’m someone not to be associated with. In conclusion, I’d like to add that I think I have a terrible lack of proper writing skills.

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