Cyberlearning Research Summit Jan. 18

From: ETCJ associate editor Bonnie Bracey Sutton
January 18, 2012
National Geographic Society
Grosvenor Auditorium
1145 17th Street Northwest
Washington D.C.

NSF has the potential to lead a new wave of STEM initiatives through its CyberLearning: Transforming Education program and its cross-cutting initiatives in cyberinfrastructure. To continue to lead in an increasingly crowded space of contributors from other agencies, corporations, and interest groups, however, the community NSF funding fosters will need to realize the “transformative potential” called for. Realizing this transformative potential requires vision, strategy, engagement, talent, and commitment to moving forward.

The Cyberlearning Research Summit is a high-profile gathering in Washington DC, featuring top quality research-based speakers who will share visions for the future of learning with emerging technologies. In the style of the TED conferences, speakers will:

  • Discuss big ideas on at the intersection of emerging technology and research on learning;
  • Articulate the “transformative potential” of a direction or approach;
  • Communicate a sense of the broad research on this topic;
  • Engage, inspire, and stimulate thinking in this new program area.

One Response

  1. This is also a virtual conference . You can also contribute to the information that the conference is putting together. SRI is a research group, NGS , and NSF are all working together to create this project.

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