ETC Nominated for Edublog Awards: Polls Open Until Dec. 14

Stefanie PankeBy Stefanie Panke
Editor, Social Software in Education

By virtue of their ability to link entries to authors and dates, weblogs are the ideal space for handling, networking, and archiving individual views that have the potential to impact larger communities. Educational researchers and practitioners have pointed out that weblogs may have great influence in instructional design: “Blogging has the potential to be a transformational technology for teaching and learning” (Williams & Jacobs, 2004). An impressive body of research and case studies has become available on the phenomenon of “edublogging,” the use of weblogs in educational contexts.

The purpose of the annual Edublog awards is to promote and demonstrate the educational values of social media. The 2010 edition of the “Eddies” marks the seventh year of Edublog Awards. The nomination lists provide various ideas on how social media is used in different educational contexts, with a range of different learners. The Edublog Awards consists of three stages: nomination, voting, and award ceremony. Anyone can nominate blogs – but self-nominations are excluded.

This year, Educational Technology and Change (ETC) has been nominated in the category “Best Group Blog.” This nomination is a tremendous honor and encouragement – especially since in fall 2009 ETC’s editor in chief, Jim Shimabukuro, contemplated closing the collaborative weblog altogether – frustrated by low response rates and low participation. Since then, innovative topics, new formats, and fresh input from writers and readers alike have invigorated the group blog.

As Jim puts it in an interview for a German website I conducted in January 2010: “ETC is constantly evolving as we, the editors and writers, explore and discover possibilities. The goal is always to increase ETC’s visibility and level of participation in the global professional community. The ongoing question is, How to take advantage of the blog’s capabilities to develop a journal that’s an integral part of the virtual life of educators? Thus far, we’ve learned that the blog format allows us to be topical, current, dynamic, and interactive – qualities that are not usually associated with academic journals.”

What are the lessons learned from our activities on ETC? Let me again quote from Jim’s interview: “I guess the most important lesson is that blogs and the web, in general, are made up of individuals, of my fellow human beings. Thus, a post is always more than just a post. It’s a person, with feelings, deserving of respect.”

Polls for the Edublog Awards are open until December 14 – if you as readers of ETC would like to cast your vote, please visit:

2 Responses

  1. This is not a very academic response, but WooHoo!

  2. As is the Chicago motto: “Vote early. Vote often.”

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