Fillable PDF Alternative to Paper Tests and Assignments

By Satoru Shinagawa

Some of you might be wondering if there’s a way that students don’t have to print and scan to submit their tests and assignments. In other words, is it possible to do everything electronically?

The following method might work:

  1. Instructors make a PDF form.
  2. Instructors convert it to a fillable PDF form.
  3. Instructors send it to student
  4. Students work on the fillable PDF form on their computers
  5. Students return the fillable PDF they worked on.

You don’t need to use a printer to work on the test or assignment nor a scanner to send back the assignment. Everything is electronically done. 

If you use Loom or Proctor U, you need to use an electronic form of a test, otherwise it’s not possible to proctor. Some of you might be wondering how you can convert the paper test to an electronic format. This “Fillable PDF method” might be one of the possible ways.

In this video,

I talk about how to make a PDF form and a fillable PDF form with a Mac.

In the video, I am neither recommending nor endorsing the software that I’m using. I needed a software like this for a demo video, and this was handy. There are other software that can also make fillable forms.

I hope some of you find this information useful.

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  1. Satoru: You might find this info about making a fillable PDF accessible.

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