Metaphors for ‘University’ – A Survey

Claude AlmansiBy Claude Almansi
Editor, Accessibility Issues

Mehmet Firat, a Ph.D. student at Anadolu University, Turkey, is gathering metaphors for “university”. This is great per se, and pertinent to several recent discussions on ETC Journal about the role of universities in education.

Mehmet Firiat and his colleagues are still wishing to gather more replies. I am impatient to read their report once they get and analyze them: This is an interesting way to conjure up a multi-subjective image of university.

screenshot of the survey, linked to the survey itselfScreenshot of the survey

Author’s address:
Ress. Assist. (PhD Candidate) Mehmet FIRAT
Department of Distance Education
Tel: +90 (222) 335 0580/2463

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