Technology Integration, Online Privacy, UX Design


What Is UX Design And Why It’s Important (at Design Your Way)

This article about UX (User Experience) suggests that user experience and usability are related but not the same. According to the author, UX is about emotional engagement.

UX Design


This short video from CEOP (Children Exploitation and Online Protection Center, UK) is aimed at teens to help them understand what the lack of online privacy can mean. It also aims at showing this audience that they can and should report anything that makes them uncomfortable or unsafe.

How to Use Technology Effectively to Transform Your ESL Classroom by Kellie L. Woodson at .FluentU

This blog focuses on the buzzword, technology integration, and explains what it is and how you, the teacher, can do it. It explains some of the theory behind technology integration, then offers a number of tools that ESL teachers (and all teachers) can use to augment their instruction.

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