HOT@ Emerging Tech San Jose – July 20-23

By Jessica Knott
Editor, Twitter

So far, this conference is really interesting, with much diversity in interest. The thing today that’s standing out to me most (probably due to my fascination with the LMS) was the session on LMS futures. This blog post really sums up the discussion, highlighting an interesting disconnect between LMS vendors and users.

I’m not getting to as many sessions as I’d hoped, but I’m editing a ton of recordings, so see a lot about what’s being discussed. :)

Added 26 July 2010: If you would like to read up on the Twitter back channel (which I highly recommend), please search for the hash tag #et4online to see first hand responses from conference attendees.

There were several highly discussed presentations at the Sloan-C Emerging Technologies conference. The first of these was Ellen Wagner’s talk “Back to the Future.” Click here for the presentation slides and archived video. She posed some very tough questions, not only to e-learning professionals, but to the field of education. She did it in a gently fun way, and the response was excellent.

Another much buzzed topic, as mentioned before, was that of the future of the Learning Management System. The conference was highly populated with Moodle users (it was, after all, a Moodle Moot), but what struck me was how educators and administrators alike were all looking for better solutions, and seem to grow increasingly unwilling to “wait and see.”

Faculty development was also a well-represented track, with overarching themes of bringing faculty members on board with technology integration, and the old standby online course quality.

To review the conference program, click here. Some presentations were webcast, and more will be uploaded for review shortly.

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