MOOCs, Ted Underwood, CALL Overview, netTrekker, Special Needs, Language Learning


Report: Four in 10 colleges to offer MOOCs by 2016 by Denny Carter in eCampus News

Despite disadvantages, such as cost, credit issues, and some “high profile rejections” of them, MOOCs are still on the rise.

Ted Underwood

Ted Underwood

Computer Research Project Shows Shift in English Language in R&D

Ted Underwood, at the University of Illinois, has used digital mining software, data from Google books, and to track how the English language has shifted over the centuries.

CALL Overview: Technology Tools From the Convention by Justin Shewell and Roger Drury in TESOL Connections

The authors give an overview of technology related presentations at the recent convention. Topics range from using various kinds of mobile technology to webinars.

Focusing Web Searches for K-12 Students by Bridget McCrea in THE Journal

So much information, so little time, and not always appropriate for schoolchildren. This article looks at a search engine, netTrekker Search, a subscription service designed for schools.

How Technology Is Helping Special-Needs Students Excel by Heather Hayes in EdTech: Focus on K-12

Innovations in technology can help students with special needs develop more independence and improve their ability to integrate better into the mainstream classroom with their peers.

EdTech photo by Deanne Fitzmaurice

EdTech photo by Deanne Fitzmaurice

Are Language Teachers Leading the Way with Education Technology? By Joe Dale in The Guardian

Dale looks at how foreign language teachers embrace technology for giving their students authentic experiences with language learning, everything from social networking to video conferencing.

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