Jim Shimabukuro

Dr. Jim Shimabukuro
Associate Professor, English
University of Hawai`i – Kapi`olani CC

James N. Shimabukuro earned an EdD from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1986. He has been teaching composition and Literature at Kapi’olani Community College for more than 30 years and has been teaching completely online classes since 1997.

He is the editor of Educational Technology & Change. He has published and presented on topics related to online conferences, online instruction, and future trends in education. (Click here for a list of selected publications and presentations.)

In 1997, he won an Innovation of the Year Award from the League for Innovation in the Community Colleges for creating and developing the Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference, a completely virtual professional development event. He coordinated the event from 1996-2000.

ETC Publications

Video: Reimagining Your College Campus in the New Normal
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Colleges Preparing for Fall 2020 (4/29/20)
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Email Is All You Need to Teach Online: A COVID-19 Response
Barebones F2F-to-Online Transition: A COVID-19 Response
‘Are Books Going to Be Replaced by Technology?’
Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop: Upgrades and Updates
Raspberry Pi 4 Is the Future of Desktop Computers
Repurposing Gaming Keyboards and Desktops for Multimedia Work
Remember Floppy Disks?
A Palm-sized Desktop Computer for $35 – Raspberry Pi 4
A Plea to Simplify the Definition for ‘Online Course’
Discussion of Ken Robinson’s ‘Bring on the Learning Revolution!’
The Zen in Online Learning
THE 2019 Impact Rankings: US Colleges Outshined
‘A Ranking of State Public Charter School Laws’ (Jan. 2019)
Remote Proctoring Services: An Interview with PSI Bridge’s Rory McCorkle
Hawaii High School Students: ‘March for Our Lives’
Social Media Fuels Hawaii Student Walkout: March 14
Impact of Different Social Media on cMOOCs
Stackable Credential Courses Are Not MOOCed
Successful Online Programs Require a Paradigm Shift
St. George’s University MOOC Has 60% Completion Rate
Should Online Classes Be Fun?
A Cure for Writer’s Block: A Letter to My Students
What’s Wrong with MOOCs: One-Size-Fits-All Syndrome
NZ Education Minister Proposes Reform to Launch Schools Into the 21st Century
A Successful Public Health MOOC: Interview with Dr. Satesh Bidaisee
Jason Ohler’s ‘4Four Big Ideas for the Future: Understanding Our Innovative Selves’
80 Percent of K-12 Schools Now Using Digital Content
Irritating Software Upgrades and the Spirit of ‘Gaman’
Alert: Watch Out for a Password Hijacking Virus
Review of ‘Towards a European Perspective on Massive Open Online Courses’
Respondus and Sakai: The Answer to Online Quizzes
Online Charter Schools Failing According to National Study
MIT’s MOOC-based Micro-Master’s Degree: Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop
MOOCs: A Toolbox for Course Designers?
Zen and the Art of Instructional Technology
Human Beings Could Be the Largest Untapped Resource in Online Learning
MOOCs and Traditional Online Courses Are on a Collision Path
MOOCs Experiencing an Identity Crisis
Blended MOOCs, Online Remedial Courses, Nevada’s ESA
Why Teaching Is No Longer Relevant in Online Courses and MOOCs
Trigger Warnings, English Grammar and Style, Ed Tech and K-12 Teachers
Attrition in MOOCs: Is It a Problem or an Advantage?
Virginia Leads Way to Online High School Diplomas
Charles Moran: A Tribute by Nick Carbone
edX-ASU Global Freshman Academy: Will It Work?
Blended Learning, Digital Equity, Skills-based Economy
A Sensible Higher Ed Business Model for Online Degrees: Are We There Yet?
Kadenze, CourseTalk, ECO, MOOC Completion
Whither the College Library?
MOOC Sightings 007: The Battushig Factor in College Admissions
MOOC Sightings 006: Universities Are ‘Middle-men Selling a Product That Is Past Its Sell-by Date’
MOOC Sightings 005: Wharton School and Universiti Teknikal Malaysia
MOOC Sightings 004: Outside the Box with Ontario’s Judy Morris
MOOC Sightings 003: Future Learn, Microdegrees, ‘Open Internet’
MOOC Sightings 002: Oxford Professor Declares MOOCs the Loser
MOOC Sightings 001: UNC and Cornell
The iPhone 6 Plus and Tablets: A Tectonic Drift
Blood Red Moon Over Honolulu – 8 Oct. 2014 at 1:28am
The Issue of Part-Time Community College Students
Thoughts on the Surface Pro 2 After 8 Months
Understanding the Brain, Flipped Teaching, Suicide Prevention, Common Core Shifts
A Glimpse at ‘Digital Life in 2025′
MOOCs Are Going Prime Time
Introduction to ‘Jewish Studies and Holocaust Education in Poland’ by Lynn Zimmerman, with an introduction by Jim Shimabukuro
‘Invasion of the MOOCs’ – Grounded and Free
A Laptop That Opens Flat Like a Tablet – Dell Latitude 13
The Balloon That Might Burst the Higher Ed Bubble
Public Speaking MOOC, Khawna, UC Irvine, Boston U
Remind101, Oppia, Think101x, Smartphones, MOOCs
A Future Without Schooling?
The ‘New Rich’: A New Conservatism in U.S. Education?
Breakthrough: Online Bachelor’s Degree for $19,200
The Finnish Education System May Not Be the Answer to Our Woes
The Surface Pro 2 Will Be the Death of Notebooks
An Interview with Tom Preskett: The Evolving Role of a Learning Technologist
Why the Surface Pro 2 Will Be a Game Changer in the Tablet World Series
Technology in Higher Ed: We Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet
SPOCs Are MOOC Game Changers
MOOC Looks: Zombies and Sober Reality
MIT LINC 2013: ‘Consistent but Stupid’
The Winds of Change Blow Young: K-12 Reform
What Are MOOCs Anyway and Should You Consider Moocing?
‘Hacking the Academy’ – A Test of Time
My Spring of Discontent: A Proposal for Flipped Conferences
Sugata Mitra, MOOCs, and Minimally Invasive Education
More Than Morale at Stake: Teachers in the U.S. Need to Take the Lead
The First Step in Educational Change Is Unlearning
Babson 2013 Online Education Survey Report Released
‘Stickies’ – A Prewriting Tool for Writers
Whither MOOCs in 2013?
TIME 2012 Person of the Year – MOOC
Size May Be the iPad Mini’s Downfall
Remote Proctoring: UNC’s Low-Tech Network Model May Be the Best
Remote Proctoring: More Questions Than Answers (an interview with Bert Kimura)
Sep. 6, 2012: edX and VUE, Kapiolani CC, Manchester Study, Lake Park-Audubon HS
Home Schooling As the 21st Century Model for Public Schools?
A Sign of How MOOCs Will Impact Colleges
August 9, 2012 – Credentialing, Mobiles, Online Conferences
The London Olympics, NBC, and Education
UC Berkeley’s Online Education Strategy: A Model for Change
Are Educators So Full of It That They Can No Longer Detect It?
The UVA Controversy: Change as a Moving Target
After the Flip — The Skip and the Leap?
Taking Aim at a President: Technology vs. Traditional Practices in Liberal Arts Colleges
Death of Plagiarism in the 21st Century
iFacilitate 2012 Online Workshop: Final Three Weeks
iFacilitate 2012 Online Workshop: First Two Weeks
Edinburgh Manifesto: A Declaration of Endependence
A ‘Manifesto for Teaching Online’: The Edinburgh Edict
A Laptop for Every Student — It Doesn’t Have to Cost So Much
Understanding the Potential of Ed Tech: The Eyes Don’t Have It
Sloan-C’s Definition of ‘Online Course’ May Be Out of Sync with Reality
University 2020: The Worm Narrative, Part I
Internet Access Should Be a Civil Right
Online Learning 2012: Six Issues That Refuse to Die
Japan/Korea and U.S. Students: Cultural Differences in Web 2.0 Environments
Online and Traditional Courses: The Debate Is Over?
A Lesson from Rural China: Not One Student Less
Supercomputing, The Singularity, and 21st Century Teachers
Standardization and ‘Best Practice’ Should Not Share the Same Bed
Boomers and Millennials – Structure Vs. Flexibility
The New ‘Open’ Is Closed – Microsoft and Google Still Don’t Get It
At Last – Recognition for Blog-based Portfolios

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  1. […] this week I came across a blog titled Educational Technology & Change. I emailed the editor Mr. Jim Shimabukuro to see if he would be interested in including some information about ProctorU, considereing there […]

  2. […] this week I came across a blog titled Educational Technology & Change. I emailed the editor Mr. Jim Shimabukuro to see if he would be interested in including some information about ProctorU, considereing there […]

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