The $10 Indian Laptop: Implications?

(Update Jan 25, 2011: this post was initially posted on I-blog, then imported here. As I-Blog since disappeared, the original internal links don’t work anymore. I’m adding the working links to the imported versions of the posts in that discussion between square brackets. – Claude Almansi,)

On February 3, after a tremendous amount of hype, India’s $10 laptop was finally unveiled. In anticipation of the event, Jim Morrison, Innovate editor-in-chief, distributed an eblast to Innovate board members, which was followed up by Jim Shimabukuro’s I-Blog post “India: $10 Notebooks for Students” [now at:] on February 2. As we all know by now, the Sakshat “laptop” turned out to be a computing device, a far cry from a computer. In the aftermath, Shimabukuro put out a call for articles: What are the implications of the Sakshat or a similar cheap computer device for education?

Four I-Blog writers responded to the call :

David G. Lebow, Ten Dollar Computers and the Future of Learning in the Web Era [now at]
Dale W. LickEffective Learning Requires More than Cheap Technology [now at]
Claude Almansi, Sakshat Is a Learning Program – Not a Laptop [now at].
Jim Shimabukuro, End of the Computer Era [now at]

Also see:


Harry Keller‘s comment, “It’s not the hardware; it’s the software!
Judith McDaniel‘s response to Lick’s “Effective Learning Requires More than Cheap Technology.”

The I-Blog community of writers hopes you’ll enjoy the articles and decide to post a comment or submit a brief article of your own (email it to To post a comment, click on the title of any article in the group and scroll down until you see the composing box.

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