The Future of AI in Education?


Will Technology Ever Replace Teachers? by Katie Fong, Forbes (1 Apr. 2019)
The authors’ answer is yes and no.

Ready for the Future of Education with Artificial Intelligence? by Holly Morris, Education Week (9 Jan. 2019)
The author contends we need to prepare our students for the future.

AI in schools – Here’s what we need to consider by Neha Shivhare, The Conversation (7 Mar. 2019)
Regardless of what we want or think, AI will continue to be part of the educational landscape.

Should the question “Will AI replace teachers?” really be asked? by Livia Bran, NEO Blog (21 Mar. 2019)
The author doesn’t think so because it’s the wrong question.

One Response

  1. Technology will not replace teachers, but it may empower them in various ways.

    AI is a misnomer for ML (machine learning). I have my doubts about it making a big splash in the classroom. It could help in administrative offices.

    I am working on a sort of computer tutor now. It’s not a real adaptive tutor but a guide that is programmed for specific spots in specific lessons. No ML is necessary for it to work beautifully to improve student understanding of science and to build better thinking skills.

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