John Adsit

John AdsitEducational Consultant

After a lifetime in education, John Adsit semi-retired to a role as an independent educational consultant specializing in online education. He was most recently theexecutive manager of curriculum at KC Distance Learning, where he worked to ensure that the curriculum design used in KCDL’s three divisions—Aventa Learning, iQ Academies, and Keystone National High School—adheres to the best practices for student success.

Adsit spent many years as a high school English teacher before working in the central administration of Jefferson County schools in Colorado. Working in curriculum and instruction, Adsit performed a variety of functions for Jefferson County schools, with the consistent theme of bringing the latest thinking in educational theory to the district’s classrooms. That role led him to begin working with online education in 1995, and within a few years he had founded and administered JeffcoNet Academy, one of the state’s first public online schools.

Adsit helped oversee the creation of state content standards and other reforms as a member of the Colorado Education Goals Task Force. He served on several statewide task forces related to the development of online education, and he cofounded Colorado Online Learning, the state’s official online course provider.

After his retirement from public education, Adsit joined Aventa Learning, then a start-up online education provider. He served as Director of Curriculum and Instruction as the company grew, and when Aventa Learning joined the KC Distance Learning family, he moved to the parent company to oversee curriculum design. He is also active in the North American Council for Online Learning (NACOL), and in that role he co-authored the NACOL white paper “Goals, Guidelines, and Standards for Student Scientific Investigations.” He is a frequent presenter at national conferences for online education.

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