William H. Zaggle

Chief Academic Officer at GlobalScholar
GlobalScholar, Inc., Greeley, CO

B.S. Texas A&M University
Computer Science, Electrical Engineering

Transitioned to a new leadership role after selling Excelsior Software to GlobalScholar in early 2008.  I have continued to offer domain knowledge and direction to all departments in adapting to the educational software industry. The challenges that face education today are enormous and the personal challenge of continuing to find the ingenuity and insight to solve even a few of them was too great to walk away from after 22 years. Always seeking pathways for change, I have a passion for bringing reality to the research of new learning opportunities. I am currently proud to continue this work with GlobalScholar and their current mission to empower the world to learn.

A founding partner of Excelsior Software, Inc. — Excelsior boasts the first Windows based electronic gradebook in 1991, the first home-school network connections showing real-time student progress in 1993, the first web based parent portal with real-time student grades in 1996, and the first enterprise level implementation of a gradebook in a single school district with over 20,000 teachers.  Currently, Excelsior works with educators in nearly 1,000 districts nationwide.

Researcher, Instructor, at Texas A&M University, College Station, TX — Developed leading graphics database techniques and applications, plus the fundamental methods for teaching computer graphics concepts.  Taught basic engineering thinking and communication skills.  Maintained a large mainframe computer graphics facility.  Oppenheimer award winner for best computer graphics design concepts in 1978-79.  Lead investigator on large scale CAD workstation concepts utilizing PC based platforms.  Assisted with database analysis on NASA research into shuttle tile vulnerability and fuel tank over-icing solutions.  Authored several works on computer graphics and graphics database management.

ETC Publications

The Arts Are Critical for Whole-Brain Learning
The Rise of Informal Knowledge and the Teacher’s Evolving Role
What Is Your Mental Model for 21st Century Education?
Assessment 2.0 on the Horizon
We Need to Blend, First, to Transition to Online Learning
Educational Engineers: The Missing Link in Innovation

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