Brian Mulligan

[This bio was first published on 10 Aug. 2012]

Brian Mulligan
Programme Manager
Centre for Online Learning
Institute of Technology
Sligo, Ash Lane, Sligo, Ireland
Online bio:

Brian Mulligan graduated as a Civil Engineer in 1978 from University College Dublin and later with a Masters in Engineering Design. His early employment was mostly in mathematical modelling and simulation and the application of information technology within engineering. He is currently on secondment as a Programme Manager responsible for online learning development in the Centre for Online Learning at the Institute of Technology Sligo where he has lectured since 1984.   He has been instrumental in the rapid growth in online learning in IT Sligo since 2002 and significantly involved in the growth of e-learning in Ireland since 1999, organising the EdTech series of conferences since 2000 and as a founding member of the Irish Learning Technology Association in 2002.  His main areas of expertise are now in web-casting, webinar management, synchronous online training, instructor-led online training, lecture capture and the rapid development of online training.  He is the organiser of the IT Sligo/NDLR Teaching and Learning Webinar Series. He has recently started a blog on education here: “Well I wouldn’t start from here anyway!“.  His personal website is:


ETC Publications

Constructing a Sustainable Model for Higher Education: Part 1 – Disaggregation of Teaching

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