Judith Sotir

judith_sotir_origDirector, Adult Education Learning Center (AELC)
Waubonsee Community College
Aurora, IL

At the AELC, we serve students in ABE/GED, ESL, Intensive English, Literacy and Family Literacy. Our focus is on lab design and knowledge management, in addition to technology and software used for academic support of our classes and programs. We have developed several blogs which list and summarize appropriate websites for the various disciplines. These blogs are currently being used by our instructors, volunteers, and adult education graduate students from various area colleges and universities. Utilizing the newest technologies such as wikis and blogs helps us stay current and share the wealth of resources available to practitioners.

Ms. Judith S. Sotir
Waubonsee Community College
5 E Galena Blvd.
Aurora, IL 60506
630-801-7900 x4128

ETC Publications

Two Steps Forward . . . Several Back
The New Social Networking Frontier
Bend It Like a Lab Instructor

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