Tom Preskett

preskett3_160aUpdated 11/5/13
Learning Technologist
Nord Anglia Education

In my previous role in designing online courses I was a pedagogical adviser to academics who would take my advice and then utilise our moodle tools to design online activities in a blended or purely online course. The challenge was to educate as to the pedagogical affordances of each tool so that they understood how best to incorporate them. There were no interactive content tools so the content was presented in mostly document form although audio and video was starting to creep in. Here at Nord Anglia, I’ve started with the remit of designing self-study online courses exclusively with Articulate Storyline. What I do is work with a subject matter expert to produce content that I can then take and design into what is essentially an interactive, narrated slideshow. I still feel like a learning technologist dabbling in instructional design. An important part of my role is to assist in the development of our moodle sites, and I’m developing areas to provide advice on a variety of online tools. This is something I intend to grow as I see a real need for this.

Personal blog: Learning Technology Learning: A Learning Technology Learning Journey.

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    How are You. How about your holiday trip. I liked your paper.

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