Michael Biocchi

[Published 15 June 2011]

I am a current PhD student focusing my research on Education Technology and E-learning. My research is aimed at using video games as a tool instead of a means of entertainment. I am also a recent Masters graduate with my MSc in Computer Games Technology and a new media and technology consultant.

Currently, I am the founder and owner of Chamfered Technology, teacher at the local College (Sault College), Academic Specialist at Algoma University, and I am also a part-time faculty member at Algoma University with the Computer Science Department. I am currently teaching 4th year courses on Artificial Intelligence, Game AI and Distributed Systems. I have also worked with SSMIC and Miramar on building a Facebook Application for ProtoLaunch. ProtoLaunch is a gaming camp for highschool students to teach them how to build games. I have worked within Protolaunch as a mentor to the students in previous years.

I have experience in graphic design, programming and project management. I have a keen interest in gaming and that is why my PhD focus has been on gaming and education. I want to introduce gaming to younger students and create new ways of learning through videogames.

Prior to starting up Chamfered Technology, I traveled to Scotland with four Algoma University undergraduates to compete in a Gaming Competition called Dare to be Digital. Our team, Log2n, won an award for most innovative and creative game. Our game, Flux, created a gesture based game where music decided the gameplay. I had a dual role on the team, being graphic artist and programmer.

With my experience in design, programming and new media, I am also creating websites for companies using Web 2.0. If you want to get your business on the web using the latest tools at a low price, please contact Chamfered Technology.

ETC Publications

Educational Games Part III: Their ‘Educational’ Characteristics
Educational Games Part II: Using New Technologies in the Classroom
Educational Games Part I: A Way to Make Even Math Fun

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  1. Yes, i am agree with your post,Today run recent trends AI & Gaming in life.This field is extremely aggressive and more Creative. other thinking about the role of Educational Games and Simulations.
    instead of a means of entertainment.

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