Why Unjoin Ning Networks that Won’t Pay

Claude AlmansiBy Claude Almansi
Editor, Accessibility Issues

In Ning’s New Deadline for Pay-Only: Aug. 30, I quoted the announcement of the new deadline set by Ning for paying to keep a network online. It now turns out that creators of Ning networks that won’t do so cannot delete them anymore.  In view of this, the  following passage in the announcement of the new deadline  becomes worrying:

…As a result, we have extended the deadline for selecting one of the three new plans (Ning Mini, Plus and Pro) to August 30, 2010. Beginning on this date, we will block access to any free Ning Network that isn’t subscribed to one of the three plans.

“block access” – and not “delete” – this means that after August 30, Ning will  have sole access  to, and use of:

  • the content posted in these networks
  • the profile data of all members of these networks, which include their e-mail addresses.

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Ning’s Self-Contradictions

Claude AlmansiBy Claude Almansi
Editor, Accessibility Issues

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

About Ning’s decision to scrap free networks and for alternatives to Ning, see End of Free Ning Networks: Live Online Discussion: Apr. 20th.

Three plans

Ning sent an e-mail entitled “Important news about your Ning Network” to Ning network owners on July 28, 2010, telling them about three choices that will remain available to them until August 20, 2010: Mini, Plus and Pro.

Actually, the Mini plan also comes in a for-free version sponsored by Pearson — but only for eligible North American K-12 and Higher-Ed Ning Networks — in spite of all Pearson’s boasting about being Continue reading