Vic Sutton

Associate, Thornburg Center for Professional Development
Web bio

I’m a freelance journalist with extensive international experience and an interest in finding ways to tackle the international digital divide.

ETC Publications

Latinos in Science and Technology (LISTA)
Digital Equity and Social Justice
U.S.-Russian Collaboration
Geography? T3G…ESRI in Education
Cyberlearning Summit 2014: A Quick Recap
GIS Can Transform Learning: Bracey Sutton at AACE Conference
Idit Harel Caperton – An Interview at the Edge of Change

2 Responses

  1. […] currently works at the University of Mississippi; we work together at And my husband, Vic Sutton, is a journalist-educator. That is the core of our group, but already this year we have found a few […]

  2. […] Inc. Henry Neeman, University of Oklahoma Bonnie Bracey Sutton, The Power of US Foundation Vic Sutton, […]

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