Encounters: An Introduction


“Encounters” is a new feature suggested by Steve Eskow, ETC editor of hybrid vs. virtual issues, on 25 July 2009. In an email exchange, I asked Steve to consider expanding a comment that he had posted as a reply to Lynn Zimmerman’s “Computers in the Classroom Can Be Boring.” In his email to me, he asked, “Could you create an ETC feature called ‘Encounters’? Or ‘Exchanges’? Or ‘Idea-ologies’? Or ‘Quoteabilities’? Or ‘Notable and Quotable’?” He explained, “This is the age of Twitter. Short bursts of language exchanged. You, Jim, would introduce the short piece with a comment, and invite responses. If you start with my paragraph, I’ll respond immediately with additions to the basic idea of the quote.”

Following Steve’s suggestion, I created our first encounter with his reply to Lynn. Please, all of you, join in this and other encounters that we’ll be publishing from now on. If you’ve commented in the past, your reply will be published immediately. If this is your first comment, then it will wait in a queue for approval. I monitor this site regularly so it shouldn’t take more than 3-6 hours for approval. After that initial approval, all of your comments will be posted instantly, as soon as you press the publish button.

Please submit your encounter ideas to me, Jim, at jamess@hawaii.edu.

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