Tina Rooks

[Post date 10.18.10]
Dr. Tina (Sartori) Rooks
VP & Chief Instructional Officer for Turning Technologies

Dr. Tina Rooks’s experience includes ten years as a classroom teacher grades Pre-K through college, three years as a middle school principal, technology administrator for a charter school, and three years as the vice president of a professional development division in an educational technology company. Tina completed her doctorate in Instructional Technology at Pepperdine University and her dissertation was on the impact of student response systems, specifically the TurningPoint student response system, on student achievement and engagement. Additionally, Tina has a B.S. in secondary social science and an M.Ed in administration and leadership.

ETC Publications

‘Adequate’ Isn’t Good Enough: The NETP Roadmap to Higher Expectations

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