Alert: Watch Out for a Password Hijacking Virus

Jim ShimabukuroBy Jim Shimabukuro

Updated 12/18/15

To log in to my Netflix account, I normally don’t need to key in more than the first letter of my email address since I’ve authorized my browser to remember my username and password.

However, about an hour ago, when I tried to log in to Netflix via Internet Explorer, a slightly different pop-up appeared. It asked for my username and password as usual, but when I began to type, it didn’t remember my full name/password. Also, it continued to reject the ones I typed in as errors. After several attempts, I realized that this was not the usual Netflix sign-in page.

It was similar yet oddly different. Suspecting that this might have been a password hijacking virus, I immediately logged out and logged back in to Netflix via Firefox, making sure that I used the correct sign-in page. Once in, I changed my Netflix password.

My browser of choice is Firefox, but I had decided to use IE because of some script-handling problems in Firefox. I don’t recall an experience exactly like this in Firefox.  Continue reading