The Great Technology Controversy Follows Me into the Caves

adsit80By John Adsit
Editor, Curriculum & Instruction

[Note: ETCJ editors and writers live full lives, and from time to time, we’ll be publishing some of their extracurricular pursuits. See Jess Knott’s “Smackademia – the Best of Both Worlds!,” the second in this series. -Editor]

I made my first online class in 1995, and since those days much of my life has been spent trying to convince nonbelievers that computers could improve student learning if used properly. Those years were filled with many less than pleasant arguments, and like many people I looked to my recreational life to get away from such battles. Unfortunately, I now find that my chief area of recreation, scuba diving, is filled with those same battles. The controversy of my work life has doggedly pursued me into my recreational life. Continue reading