‘Has the Internet obsoleted formal schools?’

Jim ShimabukuroBy Jim Shimabukuro

Earlier this evening, I googled “post-school era” and all the hits were related to after high school topics. All except one. I clicked on it and found myself at Yahoo! Answers, a website where anyone can post a question and anyone can post an answer.

Based on the vague dating, the question was posted “2 months ago” by someone calling her-/himself “tell the truth on Net”:

Post-School era: Are formal scholling still needed in Internet-age. Free 24/7/365

Note: users can use Free internet at school / library / home 24/7/365 and pay almost nothing.

How can K-12 schools or local communuity college have more information used by a 1-billion people 24/7/365.

Has the Internet obsoleted formal schools?

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