Call for Chapters: Classroom Experiences with Tech

By Claude Almansi
Editor, Accessibility Issues
ETCJ Associate Administrator

Note:  the Call for Chapters below comes from the teachers of La Scuola che Funziona. About them, see Italy: Teachers’ Manifesto, (English translation of their Manifesto degli insegnanti) on this blog.

Call for Chapter Proposals

Proposal Submission Deadline: April 30, 2011

Didactic Strategies and Technologies for Education Incorporating Advancements
Paolo M. Pumilia-Gnarini, Elena Favaron and Luigi Guerra  Editors

A project promoted by,  with the scientific support of the Educational Technologies Research Group, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Bologna.
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Italy: Teachers’ Manifesto

Claude AlmansiBy Claude Almansi
Editor, Accessibility Issues

The Italian teachers of the la scuola che funziona (the school that works)  project have launched the Manifesto degli insegnanti (Teachers’ manifesto), which converges interestingly with Marc Prensky‘s Simple Changes in Current Practices May Save Our Schools.

Licenza Creative Commons BY-NC-ND
The original Italian manifesto is published under a Creative Commons License. It is translated here by permission of the authors, who can be contacted via la scuola che funziona. Here is its English translation by Luciana Guido:): Continue reading