Idit Harel Caperton – An Interview at the Edge of Change

picture of Bonnie Bracey Sutton and Vic SuttonBy Bonnie Bracey Sutton and Vic Sutton

ETCJ: Dr. Idit Harel Caperton, thank you for making the time to talk with us about Globaloria. Your research at the MIT Media Lab and association with Seymour Papert, as well as numerous awards, have made you a legend in the field of educational technology.

The awards include the 1991 Outstanding Book Award by the American Education Research Association and being honored, in 2002, by MIT and the Network of Educators in Science and Technology “for devotion, innovation, and imagination in science and technology on behalf of children and youth around the world.”

picture of Dr. Idit Harel CapertonDr. Idit Harel Caperton

As founder and president of the World Wide Workshop Foundation, you and your team have, since 2006, been pioneering Globaloria, a program to promote digital literacy, especially in areas and with populations that are underserved by current technology. You’ve defined digital literacy as the ability “to use… social media tools as both a reader and writer — that is, as someone who contributes as well as observes.” Continue reading