Do You Speak Livemocha? An Interview with Clint Schmidt

Stefanie PankeBy Stefanie Panke
Editor, Social Software in Education

Livemocha is a social network service that supports language learning through audio-visual lessons and peer tutoring tools. Launched in September 2007, the platform has over 5 million registered members from over 200 countries. Lessons are provided for 36 different languages. While the standard lessons are freely accessible for registered users, the platform also offers “premium content” for a fee. Livemocha is more than just “Rosetta Stone on the Web.” A unique selling point of the educational Web community is its collaborative approach to language learning: Members of the Livemocha community do not only learn a foreign language, they also tutor other community members in their native language. Users are encouraged to form learning tandems and offer feedback on their partner’s speaking or writing exercises. The Livemocha platform supports this peer learning practice through comment features, voice recording and social awareness tools. Continue reading