Texas A&M Decentralizing Office of Distance Ed – A Gutsy Call

Totally Online, by Jim Shimabukuro

In a memo dated 8 June 2010, Jeffrey R. Seemann, Texas A&M Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, announced the university’s move toward decentralizing its management of distance education (DE), eliminating the Office of Distance Education and “transferring the development, management, and promotion functions . . . to the college deans and placing compliance with regulations and fee oversight under the purview of the Provost’s Office.”

This decision was based on “reviews of previously completed reports and other documents, consultation with knowledgeable individuals and groups, and an evaluation of distance education models at peer institutions” as well as “input from numerous university stakeholders.” Seemann said that “the recommendation to close the Office of Distance Education and transition to a decentralized distance education model is the right course of action.” He said, “Be assured that in no way will the quality of distance education programs be lowered by this action” (Texas A&M News & Information Services). Continue reading